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awardBNI Sydney CBD South recently held its annual Red Carpet Business Breakfast. Hosted by Bob and Louise Greenup, the Executive Directors of BNI Sydney CBD South, the Red Carpet Awards honour the outstanding dedication and contributions of the top regional chapters plus individual members.

Member of the Year

The award for Member of the Year is always almost feverishly anticipated.

The title is not easily come by: to win the recipient must have had the highest “CATS” score amongst all members in the region for the previous calendar year. CATS stands for Chapter Accountability Tracking System, and tracks their participation levels including attendance, one-to-ones, visitors and the closed business generated for other members.

So who would be the winner for the past year?

Kieron Hewitt – Member of the Year 2013


In the end, an impressive CATS score of 5,630 – driven by a strong alignment with BNI culture and generating over $5 million in business for other members – secured Kieron Hewitt from BNI CBD Enterprise the top individual award.

Congratulations, Kieron!

How BNI Helped Do Better Business

We asked Kieron to tell us a bit about his BNI journey that has led him to this recent success

“For me my BNI membership is all about confidence,” Kieron says.

Kieron points out that BNI’s regular, weekly meetings with their proven systems and procedures have helped him to develop a stronger pitch.

“And I definitely developed as a business person. My BNI attendances helped me create and deliver my business development strategy with more self-assurance and conviction,” he says.

But it does not end there: Kieron has seen a steady increase in his sales pipeline and cash flow since joining BNI.

The confidence he has in his sub-consultants, suppliers and contractors – many of which are part of his BNI network – has made it possible for Kieron to deliver consistently better service to his clients.

Giving Back

And this growing confidence in himself and his business has enabled Kieron to give back to his BNI contacts and his chapter – ultimately making him Member of the Year 2013.

“This level of business confidence can take a decade to develop! But BNI has provided this for me in just 18 months,” he says.

“I have become a better sales person for all of my chapter members this way, not just for my own business. And I really enjoy being able to give back to a group of people that has helped me so much.”

BNI – A Good Choice for Business Confidence

By applying the BNI systems and procedures Kieron has been able to access more profitable repeat clients, develop efficient systems and procedures for his staff, and nurture quality relationships with his suppliers and consultants.

“If you want confidence in business within an unpredictable economic climate, I recommend joining a BNI Chapter,” says Member of the Year, Kieron Hewitt.

And his win is proof it works.

Kieron Hewitt is a member of BNI CBD Enterprise and an Associate Director of corporate interior design firm AriiSmits. His business designs and creates offices that bring expected and unexpected benefits to corporate organisations. AriiSmith counts some of Australia’s most iconic companies as its clients and has delivered in access of the delivery 1,000 projects.

Watch a short video of the Red Carpet Awards.

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