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likeYour BNI Chapter Facebook Page, when used correctly, is an excellent tool to increase your chapter’s and its members’ visibility. However, creating content can be time-consuming and confusing if you aren’t exactly sure what to share.  

To get you started, we have gathered the top 20 content ideas that will make your BNI Chapter Facebook Page come to life – and start real conversations.

The Top 20 BNI Chapter Facebook Page Content Ideas – Revealed!

1. Weekly announcement regarding the open business categories your chapter is looking to fill.  

Example: “We have 35 business professionals who are looking for a reliable plumber whom we can send referrals to. If you know a great plumber in the <YOUR CITY> area, please invite them to visit one of our weekly meetings at <LOCATION, DAY, AND TIME>.” 

If you are not sure which professions you should be targeting, check with your Chapter President or local BNI Director for help.

2. Welcome message to a new chapter member – post each time a new member is welcomed. BONUS POINTS: include a picture of the new member induction.

3. Congratulations message to renewing members.

4. The upcoming 10-minute presenter(s) – and the business/personal contacts members should invite who might benefit from the presentation.

5. Member, Chapter & BNI Testimonials.

6. Thank you messages to visitors who attended meetings.

7. A key point learned during this week’s BNI gathering, or during a one-to-one meeting with another BNI member.

8. Thank you messages for referrals and closed business.

9. Special event info: create an event page on Facebook first for each special event, and then include a link to the event page within the status updates on your chapter’s Facebook page. You should post about the event frequently leading right up to the event date. Include images for greater impact.

10. Training events: again, create an event page on Facebook first for each training event, and then include a link to the event page within the status updates on your chapter’s Facebook page. And don’t forget: images draw the eye and get your posts read.

11. Member accomplishments and awards (i.e., community or association awards). And… you guessed it: and pictures of the occasion!

12. Achievements – Referrals, Closed Business, Visitors:

number of total referrals / closed business / visitors by the chapter for the month, quarter, or year; 

equivalent outstanding member’s stats (don’t forget their photo or company logo).

Examples: “Our chapter generated <$xxx,xxx> of closed business during the last quarter!” OR, “Thanks to chapter member Jane Doe from <THEIR FACEBOOK OR WEBSITE PAGE LINK>for giving xx number of referrals last month.  She was our Top Referrer – congratulations, Jane!”

13. On a monthly basis, announce how much a seat is worth in your chapter.

14. Dates of upcoming Chapter Director visits.

15. Other networking events in your area: your chapter’s Facebook page will become the go-to place for finding out what’s going on in networking in your city. Other networking events are a great source for inviting visitors to your BNI Chapter – so let your members know where else to network.

16. Got your member featured on the BNI Australia blog? Shout about it – and encourage other members to get featured, too. Here is how to get featured.

17. Utilise the weekly BNI Podcast announcement on

18. Share articles from written by BNI Founder Dr Ivan Misner.

19. Link to posts from

20. Utilise articles and insights from the monthly BNI Australia newsletter


Highlight your chapter members and their businesses by creating a Chapter Member Photo Album on your BNI Facebook page. Include a description of their services and contact information. Tag each member in their photo so it will also appear on their personal profile, and mention their business Facebook page for even better engagement!

So there it is, your Top 20 Starter Guide for your BNI Chapter Facebook Page.

What other content do you post on your chapter’s Page? 

What posts get the most comments and views?  

What times work best for your posts?

The rule is: post, examine – and do more of what works best for your specific audience!

We would love to hear from you and see what other content you have been sharing on your BNI Chapter Facebook Page.  

Let us know in the comments below or on the BNI Australia Facebook Page.

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