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Bring a Representative from a Local Charity or Community Service Organisation to Your Networking Meeting/Event

Though all of us are in business to make a profit, if it is the primary driving force in business, we become mercenaries to that process.  However, it is quite possible to make a good living while serving the greater good.  

Business truly can be honorable.  It can be something which improves people’s lives as well as supports and helps local communities.  

These aims can be accomplished not only by businesses helping to generate business for one another, but also by giving back to the community, mentoring others, immersing in a culture of shared learning, and collaborating with others.  

One of the sponsors of the 2015 International Networking Week celebration is, a charitable initiative of the BNI® Foundation which is helping to build, empower, and contribute to communities across the globe.  In light of this, the 2015 Special Networking Exercise for International Networking Week is to focus on building ties with representatives from local charitable/non-profit/community service organisations.

Help make a difference in your local community by offering a charitable organisation the opportunity to engage with your network.  Reach out to a representative from a local charitable/non-profit/community service organisation and invite them to your networking meeting or event.  

Make 2015 the year that you find even more ways to live the Givers Gain® philosophy by proactively reaching out to charitable organisations and finding ways to simultaneously build your business and give back through supporting your local community.

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