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Education, training and recognition are all part of the core values of BNI, so what better way to show a Giver’s Gain® attitude by recognising the best of the best from the BNI Gold Coast Region.

Dressed in their finest, including of course their official BNI Name Badges, over 140 BNI Gold Coast members gathered together on Thursday 4th December 2014 at One50 Public House in Bundall.

It was here that our MC, Paul Lomas, Executive Director BNI Australia, guided us through the mornings award ceremony.  The awards for the day included;

Chapter Of The Year – The chapter who ranked the highest based on the traffic light systems for reporting

Notable Networker for the Gold Coast Region- The top individual networker for the Gold Coast Region based on chapter statistics

Most Improved Chapter – The chapter who showed the most improved throughout the year based on the traffic light system for reporting

Notable Networker Of The Year – The top individual members for each chapter based on chapter statistics

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) – The most valuable individual chapter member based on votes by other chapter members

Gold Club Members – an exclusive club reserved for members who sponsor a minimum of 6 new members into BNI for the period of 2010 to November 2014.

National Director, Frederick Marcoux, was on hand to share his wisdom via a feature presentation and of course assist with handing out the awards.

The event was organised by the wonderful team of local BNI Gold Coast Directors & Ambassadors; Peter Fitzgerald, Gayle McKew, Jane Taylor and Ilona Teremi.


BNI Gold Coast Region Directors Team with National Director Frederick Marcoux

The most you have all been waiting for…. and the winners are;

Chapter Of The Year – BNI Hub

Notable Networker for the Gold Coast – Elle Osborne

Most Improved Chapter – BNI Infinity

Notable Networker Of The Year (Chapter Award)

  • Beachside – Elle Osborne
  • Chambers – Jeannine Devenport
  • Eagle – Rory Curtis
  • Hub – Erin Ridley
  • Infinity – Carolyn Hodge
  • Neptune – Jenny Godfrey
  • Paradise – Jason Wood
  • Pinnacle – Kaeren Smith
  • Professional Partners – Neil Moxey
  • Venus – Amanda Van Den Broek

The Most Valuable Player (MVP) Chapter Award

  • Beachside – Ilona Teremi
  • Chambers – Mark Pogson
  • Eagle – Belinda Dinsey
  • Elite – Amanda Thomas
  • Hub – Steven Halligan
  • Infinity – Carolyn Hodge
  • Neptune – Gerard Sangston
  • Paradise – Jason Wood
  • Pinnacle – Jeannie Anderson
  • Professional Partners – Cameron Findlay
  • Venus – Sharyn Watson

Gold Club Members 

  • Joe Steele – Beachside – 12
  • Ilona Teremi – Beachside – 10
  • Amanda Van Den Broek – Venus – 9
  • Neil Moxey – Professional Partners – 7
  • Jeannie Anderson – Pinnacle – 6
  • Jon Dale – Pinnacle – 6
  • Jeff Feltham – Paradise – 6

Be sure to visit the BNI Gold Coast Region Facebook Page for photos from the day.

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Bring a Representative from a Local Charity or Community Service Organisation to Your Networking Meeting/Event

Though all of us are in business to make a profit, if it is the primary driving force in business, we become mercenaries to that process.  However, it is quite possible to make a good living while serving the greater good.  

Business truly can be honorable.  It can be something which improves people’s lives as well as supports and helps local communities.  

These aims can be accomplished not only by businesses helping to generate business for one another, but also by giving back to the community, mentoring others, immersing in a culture of shared learning, and collaborating with others.  

One of the sponsors of the 2015 International Networking Week celebration is, a charitable initiative of the BNI® Foundation which is helping to build, empower, and contribute to communities across the globe.  In light of this, the 2015 Special Networking Exercise for International Networking Week is to focus on building ties with representatives from local charitable/non-profit/community service organisations.

Help make a difference in your local community by offering a charitable organisation the opportunity to engage with your network.  Reach out to a representative from a local charitable/non-profit/community service organisation and invite them to your networking meeting or event.  

Make 2015 the year that you find even more ways to live the Givers Gain® philosophy by proactively reaching out to charitable organisations and finding ways to simultaneously build your business and give back through supporting your local community.

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