How Much Business Do You Do With Visitors?


Do you have a problem with only very few visitors taking your business card from the chapter’s box?

Does your chapter miss out on business opportunities with visitors every week? You’re not alone.

But why is that? I believe it comes down to lack of (sufficient) information.

A visitor needs to hear specifically about what they think useful to be enticed to pick up your (or another member’s) card. Most members give meaningful specifics about their business in their sales manager minute. But we all do so much more than what we can convey in 60 seconds. Each sales manager minute can give a first-time visitor only a small glimpse into the wide range of each business’ service or product offerings.

Visitor Booklet: The Concept
As a Business and Marketing Strategist, our chapter members often look to me for growth ideas. When I proposed producing a visitor booklet to the group, every member saw the value and enthusiastically embraced the project. So, with a small financial contribution from each member to cover the cost, I developed and produced the visitor booklet for our chapter. Each addition is valid for up to six months, and is given to every first-time visitor. The booklet contains every member’s business card alongside a half page ad, enabling us to showcase our full range of products and services to visitors.

Growing Our Chapter
In addition, the booklet also describes the benefits that joining our chapter can offer. A complete application form is included to make becoming a member easy. The booklet is extremely useful for visitors who need to run the idea of joining past a supervisor: it clearly explains the benefits of joining, without the decision maker having to attend a meeting themselves. A number of members have purchased additional copies to display in their reception area, or to show connections that could be prospective visitors.

Generating More Business from Visitors
Thanks to our visitor booklet, our chapter is now looking forward to reaping the fruits of our labour – bringing visitors to our meetings, networking and promoting our chapter. Our initiative is a valuable and beneficial marketing tool that will increase the amount of business our members do with one-time visitors. It was a fantastic experience to see the whole chapter come together to enthusiastically back this initiative – and we are looking forward to enjoying more business from visitors in the months and years to come.

If you are interested in finding out more about our visitor booklet, please contact our chapter via our Facebook page, or contact me, Andre Vermast, directly by emailing results@inncorp.com.au.

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