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Learning how to be an effective member of BNI is one of the most important things we can do to grow our businesses. And now it’s been made easy, with BNI Learning.

What is BNI Learning?

BNI Learning is a world-leading online training platform that was designed to provide BNI members with flexible learning opportunities.

The main purpose of BNI Learning is to help BNI members develop key business skills such as communication, presentation, management, and leadership skills. It’s there to help you stay ahead of the competition – and get the most out of your membership.

Since its launch in Australia in March 2011, already around 1,000 BNI members have started using the website to boost their training and knowledge about BNI. And their feedback so far has been great: an impressive 87% of respondents to our recent survey agreed or strongly agreed that the topics and level of detail covered were relevant to their learning needs. So, we encourage you to get involved, and see how BNI Learning can help you and your business too.

What Can You Do On The BNI Learning Website?

There’s a great range of learning material available on the BNI Learning website, from the Member Success Program to Leadership Team training modules. You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, read summaries, download reference material, and best of all, you can have fun completing all the quizzes. There really is something for everyone on the BNI Learning website, and all of it will help you get more out of your membership.

Why Online?

The beauty of having all these learning resources available online is that all BNI members across Australia can access the same learning materials, and can do so at any time, day or night. This flexibility means you can fit in your training at a time and place that works best for you and your business.

Who Is BNI Learning For?

BNI Learning is for everyone: for existing members, for new members, and as part of the benefits of membership for visitors who are considering joining BNI.

For existing members, it is a terrific resource and an invaluable part of your membership. With Leadership Team training about to start in September now is the perfect time to get on board.

For new members, it is a fantastic online mentoring tool and can provide you with extra support as you learn more about BNI.

For visitors: BNI Learning is just one of the many ways in which BNI supports your membership once you have joined, and it can form an integral part of increasing your business success within BNI.

So whether you are new to BNI or a long-time member, we are all here because we love seeing our businesses grow. One of the best ways to make this happen is to learn everything you can about BNI.

So look up our instructions on how to login, then check out BNI Learning and embrace the culture of learning more, to earn more.


  1. Mark Southwell says:

    I am a new member of BNS Soverign and I created a login on the BNI Learning website last week, but each course that I attempt to access then brings up a web page that says:

    This course requires an ‘enrolment key’ – a one-time password that you should have received from teacher

  2. BNI Australia says:

    Hi Mark, Please contact your director who can provide you with the enrolment keys.

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