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Written by Lead Jacobs – BNI Assistant Director & Member – Melbourne. Introduction by BNI Australia Editors.

Many people join BNI for the referrals and show their business but what they don’t realise is all the other opportunities it brings to you.¬†Personal development, new friends, new life partners and a go to person for whatever the situation may be. ¬†Our BNI members are a community of like minded individuals who go out of their way to really help each other.

Here is one story from a BNI Assistant Director Leah Jacobs of just one of those incidences.

Jane Banting - BNI Member to the Rescue

“For the 5 years I have been involved with BNI I never cease to be amazed by the side benefits. For instance the personal development, the contacts I have made and used the knowledge I have gained and used in my business etc. However my most recent experience is one I would like to share with others.

At the end of November I was participating in a class at the gym I attend regularly. I have been doing this activity regularly for over 30 years. I was in a step class where we use a low platform and I made a wrong move and fell badly. I immediately knew I had done something drastic because I had to be carried out of the class. There was a lot of swelling but very little pain. I was also pretty sure I had not broken anything and that it was muscular.

I decided to go to a physio instead of a doctor because I thought this could short circuit things. When I went to see Jane Banting (member of BNI Noon Networkers in Melbourne) she did not like what she saw, but what impressed me the most is that she took the extra step to consult a college of hers just to get a second opinion. She also said I had to see my GP in order to get a referral for an MRI.

After many phone calls (both from Jane and my GP) trying to get into a specialist Jane saw the urgency and contacted a sports physio who immediately called the top surgeon in Victoria on his mobile which he answered from the operating theatre.

Leah Jacobs - BNI Assistant Director & BNI Member

The sports physio explained the urgency and the surgeon saw me that night after 9.00pm while still in his operating clothes. He immediately booked me into surgery the following day and I was operated on late at night and the surgery finished after midnight.

I am recovering well, but I owe it all to the quick thinking and connections of a BNI member. Thank you Jane.

Jane Banting has a Physiotherapy practice in Glenhuntly, Melbourne and you can contact Jane on 1300 292 894.”

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