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The BNI Australia newsletter’s subscriber numbers and our blog’s rankings are steadily climbing. Add to that our new initiatives of Question Corner and Networking Tips now being in full swing, and one can understand the surge of interest from readers wanting to contribute a written piece, share their advice and their ideas. Many of our readers have already become actively involved; they have send in some great questions and contributions about BNI, networking and referral marketing.

And now, we have come up with a great offer to say “thank you!” for all your interest – and to give you a unique marketing and public relations (PR) opportunity.

BNI Columnist: Your Marketing Opportunity

BNI Australia is looking for guest columnists to contribute to our newsletter and blog!

The BNI Australia Blog publishes fresh, high-quality content every week and we are now looking for unique, interesting and educational articles about business networking – from you.

This is an opportunity for you to grow your personal brand and your business by contributing articles to the BNI Blog. Your articles are promoted again in the monthly BNI Newsletter, and regularly re-posted on our social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

How Far Can You Go?
Reach Thousands of New Prospects in One Hit

BNI Australia has over 5,000 members, and our Newsletter alone reaches a direct readership of over 30,000 business owners every month!

Add to that the BNI Australia Blog and Social Media exposure – and you are able to reach a minimum of many tens of thousands of potential new clients!

Share your ideas, your tips and your inspiring stories with members and non-members alike – and reap the rewards.

What’s In It For Me?

Being a BNI Guest Columnist gives you the unique opportunity to promote yourself as a thought leader and have your business noticed by a savvy, large readership adept at referral marketing.  You get the chance to reach and make yourself known to many tens of thousands of potential new clients with one short, impactful article about networking or referral marketing.  And let’s not forget the strong SEO and related public relations benefits for you and your business.  Plus, you will receive an opportunity to promote yourself and your business via a separate blog post when you become a BNI Guest Columnist Writer.

Now that’s a marketing opportunity that’s hard to beat!

Sign me Up!
How Can I Become a BNI Guest Columnist? 

We are keen to hear from BNI members and non-members who can offer written contributions on networking expertise that are interesting, educational pieces.

In order to maintain the high level of quality and consistency with the articles currently on the BNI Australia Blog, your articles will be reviewed and edited (as required) by a highly experienced, independent and BNI-approved copywriter.

We have negotiated a low fixed price for you, and BNI Australia is making no money from this arrangement.  At this low cost price, your sole investment for this great opportunity to reach thousands of new potential clients is limited to the cost of editing. This contribution is invoiced to you at cost by BNI Australia.

For more details about this exciting marketing opportunity, and how to sign up as a BNI Guest Columnist, please read on here.

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  1. I was interested in seeing this, until I saw there is a cost attached to it. I’ve been a guest blogger and column writer in the past and have never had to pay for that – I was doing the people who owned the sites or publications a favour for providing written material they could use – and material that did not have to be edited, since I am an experienced writer. Usually it’s the writers who get paid.

  2. Kathie, as you know this is new and of course we are open to all feedback. If you have an article in mind please send it through and we can let you know if any editing is required.

  3. Cathy says:

    Kathie is right. If editing is required, the publication takes care of the costs. A considerable amount of time is invested in writing articles, and your guest writers are taking care of that cost for your newsletter at N/C
    I’m happy to contribute to article writing, but not editing costs

  4. Karyn Clarke says:

    What a coup for the editing service provider!

    I also am an experienced writer and provide editing services to other blog writers.
    Initially excited about the prospect of writing for BNI I am now left with a cynical taste in my mouth.


  5. Hi Karyn
    Thanks for your feedback. We always welcome all feedback and will take it under consideration.

  6. As a regular writer of articles and blogs for the purpose of creating useful content for my audience, the idea of paying to contribute unique content, or create a new set of insights from known information, is counter-culture to the attitudes and values of the wider business community wanting to create value and ‘results in advance’ for their clientele. This is being done by thousands for the primary purpose of creating attraction to value being offered to the community and allowing the audience to determine the content’s value by either subscribing and/or contacting the writer.

    I’m curious to know the intention BNI started with when this idea was floated and put to market. How does this elevate BNI to be a leader in creating ‘networking value’ and facilitating businesses to create opportunities with members that support the local communities in which they operate?

    First impression is a different spin on a ‘pay to advertise’ model. As a National Director who has acquired the experience and value of executing your position with a primary attitude to assist and serve members, Natalie, I’m sure you’ll see the objectivity in my following comment:

    ‘Where is the innovative aspect that you are showing in creating a new platform to further develop BNI as a market leader in networking and collaboration, when you choose to strategize, define, create and then put to market a regressive model that has anything but a collaborative DNA to it, and further discourages assisting BNI members to market with attraction strategies that seek first to create value, attract their audience and assist members to develop a niche instead?’

    A lot of us expect a far higher standard of excellence from a leader such as BNI in this regard.

    Martin Longden

  7. Frederick Marcoux National Director BNI Australia says:

    Hi Martin
    Thanks for your comments.
    We are willing to provide members with the opportunity to promote themselves by providing networking content for our 13,000 plus readers. In order to achieve a minimum standard for articles there is a minimum cost, and we feel that it is appropriate for that cost to be passed on.

  8. Treska Roden says:


    I would be very interested in contributing articles to the BNI Newsletter. However, I am unable to afford the fee of $395 per article.

    I recently started the Sydney College of Etiquette and could write articles for you on the Protocols and Manners associated with Networking.

    I could also write articles that I believe your members would be interested in such as International Etiquette, how to Shake Hands Correctly, Introducing People Correctly, Dining Etiquette, Phone and Mobile Phone Etiquette, Corporate Dressing etc.

    If ever you wipe the editing fee, please let me know and I would be delighted to contribute.

    Kind regards,

    Treska Roden
    Sydney College of Etiquette

  9. Hey Treska
    I’ve send you an email.

  10. Jane Taylor says:

    I would be interested in writing some articles on wellbeing, however am unable to pay the $395 fee per article.

    I am a qualified Life/Business Coach with a focus on balancing lives, one habit at a time. Some article topics could include time and energy management, work/life balance and mindfulness in the workplace.

    If you ever drop the editing fee, please let me know as I would be happy to help out.

    Warm wishes,
    Jane @ Habits for Wellbeing

  11. Jim Boyer says:

    Hi Frederick,
    I was interested until I saw there was a fee attached, I pay a fee for someone to manage my own social media, not really interested in paying a fee to manage someone elses.
    Is the purpose to get quality articles and blogs, or is it a way for someone else to build and pay for the management of your blog.
    Also $395 seems expensive to peruse a short blog article and make corrections- must be a very magic copy writer. If it needs more the article is simply not suitable.

  12. Hi Jim
    Thanks for your comment.I spoke to Frederick and he was concerned that you thought this was about reducing his costs – that just isn’t the case! When submitting an article for the BNI Blog, it is seen by over 20,000 Australian business owners and we need to ensure that the quality of our articles remains always very high. For this reason we have deliberately attached a high fee for editing and re structuring etc if necessary. While not all articles will need the same level of editing we need to set a single cost that applies to everyone. I trust this clarifies our intentions. Feel free to speak to Frederick if you wish, on 0419 040015.

  13. John Bottoms says:

    Dear frederick,
    I met briefly on your last trip to Cairns – I am in BNI Rainforest in Cairns.

    I would like to second the comments of most of your correspondents.

    I also think to some extent your proposal is misguded – as it seems to be directed to the benefit of the person writing the article – get it printed and link up with 10,000 people – whereas it should be directed to what benefit BNI’ers will have in reading the article.

    In my instance as a country legal practioner of some 38 years post admission
    I could probably write some articles on subjects that would be of assistance to small business owners – but it is of no benefit to me or my business that they might read it throughout the BNI network, as I practise in cairns.

    Apart from which I think I can manage the editing side of things(though the typing might be another issue – LOL as I believe they say)

    Kind regards
    John Bottoms

  14. Dear Natalie and Frederick,

    Employ me to edit the blogs submitted by BNI Guest columnists. One of the reasons I joined BNI was to expand my network and customer base and as an editor and proofreader, this would be right up my alley.

    Seriously, though, whenever I submit a blog or article, I either get paid properly or volunteer a freebie, but to ask me (and others) whose livelihood is working with words to PAY for the privilege of writing for BNI is a bit cheeky! Would you expect a BNI plumber to pay you to for the privilege of working in your home in order to ‘reach thousands of new clients’? If BNI can’t afford the editing costs, then perhaps the offer should not have been made.

    Best wishes

    Susan Pierotti, Creative Text Solutions

  15. Hi Susan

    Thanks for your comments.

    We already have another BNI member who assists with the writing and editing.

    If anything changes we will let you know.



  16. Matthew says:

    The main purpose of this venture is to promote the brand of BNI. Each chapter has a number of professional categories represented. Accountants, bookkeepers, mortgage brokers, etc etc, all the common ones, are represented in every chapter.
    What benefit do we get, as authors and contributors, to the BNI branded newsletter and blog, in offering up our expertise? Sure, it will be seen, potentially, by 20 000 people, but these are people who have access to professionals in their own networks.
    The return on investment of $395, will be next to nothing for us, but for BNI, they now have a product which is full of content, and they can go to new chapters and say- look, join BNI and you get access to an awesome BNI newsletter and blog.
    The costs for joining and ongoing with BNI went up this year. I don’t see how asking us to pay MORE to maintain the brand of BNI, for you, is a wise business model.
    Your claim that this cost is in place to guarantee quality is a false one. All it does is allow those with the spare coin, to submit. The person with the deepest pockets will submit content, not necessarily the person with the most knowledge to share

  17. Hi Matthew

    Thanks for your comments they will be taken under advisement.

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