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“No Nike without the Tick, no Apple without that Fruit”

If you run a successful, thriving business (and as a BNI Member, that’s almost a given), I bet that you have spent a good deal thinking about what your company and brand stand for.  You are consistent in your message, so that through whichever touch-point your potential and existing clients connect with you – they will get a clear, unwavering sense of what your brand stands for.

Successful Brands Have Consistent Branding 

Think Nike, Coca Cola, Apple… the list goes on.  What if these brands suddenly use a completely different logo? Nike without that famous tick – unthinkable. Or the recognizable Cola Cola-red was replaced with, say, purple in one advertisement, and – why stop there! – they used the font you are reading now instead of the Coca Cola script in their logo?

Confused?  I bet you would be!

Unrecognisable branding?  Most likely.

Bad, bad marketing – leading to plummeting sales?  Without a doubt.

Your Core Values Make Your Branding

At BNI, we understand the value of our brand and systems, and the benefits they offer our members.

BNI members join (and stay with) our organisation, because of our core values:

  • Members build business through meaningful relationships
  • Training and education are at the core of the organisation
  • Tradition + innovation = success
  • Members should always have a positive and supportive attitude

The core values listed here are a large part of how and why BNI is able to generate billions in business for its members across the globe each year.

With the BNI key branding messages coming from these central values, it is important that our chapters’ and leadership teams’ marketing efforts reflect these values through the correct branding elements used.

Your “How to Guide” & Resource:

We are fiercely protective of keeping this valuable asset – the brand “BNI” – untainted and clear, so our members get the most benefit our of being part of this brand.  And now you can easily help us to do so. is the official online marketing resource for BNI Members and Directors. Here any member can access the latest versions of the BNI logo, branding standards and other artwork to help you market and grow the BNI brand – which will ultimately lead you to attracting more and better visitors and members into your chapters. You can contact your local BNI Director for login information.

If you are in charge of the Facebook page and your chapter’s website, is the site you should turn to every time you are creating a new piece of marketing or updating your chapter’s web-presence.  But all members benefit from being aware of this great, easy-to-use online resource, as you might want to include the BNI logo on your website, email signature or other appropriate communications, for example.

Some Useful Tips

Consistent Branding => Great Visibility & Credibility => Great Profitability

Whatever marketing and branding work you do regarding BNI, remember that BNI stands for professional, quality business networking and connections.

This and the BNI core values should be consistently reflected in your marketing to make the most of having such a powerful brand behind you.

Ensure you use the correct:

  • Tone of Voice (aspirational, exciting, positive, driven, focused and dynamic.)
  • Language Style (constructive, honest, upfront, confident)
  • Document formats / layout
  • Logo Type (which), Use (how, where) and Supporting Elements (e.g. maps)
  • Colour Palette (approved colours only)

Get Started!

Read more in the useful guide to the BNI Branding Standards, and visit today to get started creating the most credible, professional and profitable marketing your whole chapter can be proud of!

The site keeps growing, so make sure you pop in regularly for updates – and especially every time you create some new BNI-related marketing material.

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