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The BNI Business Index was created to gauge the economic state of business worldwide, and keep you and others with an interest in business trends informed about the changing state of the global economy and its developments. Follow this link to the full, global BNI Business Index Survey report for Q1 2011.

Q1 2011 – A Strengthening Market has released its worldwide business survey findings for the first quarter of 2011. Almost 1,500 international business people participated in the survey, with 268 participants reporting from Australia alone. The results indicate that the global economy is improving: 69.4% of all respondents (68.6% in Australia) report that business has been growing or substantially growing for them over the past 12 months. This represents a slight increase – and a more confident outlook – amongst the surveyed businesses compared to the last quarter, when many businesses experienced a slower period.

Businesses Are Hiring

With confidence slowly, but steadily, on the rise in the post-GFC business environment, 50.2% of all those surveyed for the first quarter of 2011 (49.2% in Australia) said that they would, or possibly would, be hiring people over the next few months. While some companies may have experienced an individual downturn in growth or turnover, the overall sentiment is positive. A strengthening Australian market, busier businesses, and rising consumer confidence all contribute. Global and local natural disasters have clearly affected many businesses negatively, but the clean-up, building and restoration sectors have seen medium to strong growth in the post-disaster efforts.

Networking Pays Dividends

The most striking outcome of the most recent BNI Business Index Survey may have been your comments across Australia. Amidst a positive outlook, the global survey saw a large proportion of businesses lament still-restrictive developments due to government regulation, changing target markets, yo-yo market effects and natural disasters.
While these issues have affected Australian businesses as well, it seems we are in a better position than others surveyed. Many business owners have changed their approach to marketing, moving away from traditional print advertising to implementing online and social media strategies.

And we network, network, network.

Actively Creating Success

“Networking through BNI and the local Chamber of Commerce has substantially increased my business referrals.” Australian Business Owner

Our most successful Australian survey respondents overwhelmingly identified themselves as active networkers. BNI members, as well as members of industry associations and chambers of commerce have commented on the power of building new trusted business relationships, creating new referral sources and income through their ongoing networking within these communities.

And the successful results are consistent.
BNI-generated and other networking-related business growth has been named as the number one source of ongoing and post-GFC growth. And businesses that have consistently networked have seen less fallout from the credit crunch, as they had their trusted referrers and raving fans around them to refer relevant business to them as a first point of call.

Do You Want More Business?

So, if you have room for more business, get networking.

If you are not already a member, visit one of your local BNI chapters to see this powerful referral and business generator in action.

And as a member, speak to your leadership team about any ideas you have to make your successful chapter even more lucrative for you and your fellow members.

Because Givers Gain® at BNI.

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