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Dress to Impress

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So how should you address when attending a BNI meeting, Chamber Mixer or any other type of networking event?  What is appropriate?

I was involved in a discussion on this very question recently. It took on many views and opinions and I guess it comes down to the individual’s opinion.

Three examples were given in this discussion so let’s share them now and you decide what is best for you.

  • A plumber turns up every week dressed like he has just come off the job, dirty clothes muddy looking boots. Does he look like a plumber? Yes. If he turns up in jeans and a jacket does he look like a plumber? Maybe…
  • A builder who goes everywhere in a tie and coat minimum and a suit where appropriate. He says that he is a business owner and not a builder, so dresses as a business owner.
  • An event service owner who wears jeans, over shirts and always look like he needs a shave. He is having trouble receiving referrals to the corporate hotel and convention centre chains he desires for his business.

dresstoimpressSo what do the three examples say? Should you dress for how you feel? What you do as a business person?

Is your BNI meeting or any other work related meeting a business meeting?  The answer is YES so you must dress as a business person.

There are people who won’t refer you because of the way you dress or present yourself. If I introduce you to a good friend or client are you going to turn up looking like you do for a business meeting or casual and or dirty? This is real and will be costing you business.

So dress to impress?  Yes treat every meeting as a business meeting and dress that way.

Does it mean a suit? Maybe for some, but at least smart trousers/jeans, shirt and shoes is a minimum.

What does it mean for women? Revealing clothing? Casual wear versus smart business clothing? Another new discussion begins..

So how do you DRESS to IMPRESS?

Happy Networking

glennArticle by Glenn Anthoney.  Glenn has been involved in BNI for over 15 years and has won awards for growth.  Over the past 4 years in his region Sydney North West Region he has introduced systems that have seen members return an average of $35k per year from their BNI membership. Glenn is passionate about success and the role word of mouth has to play in that success.


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