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The 2nd annual BNI Melbourne South Regional Awards Breakfast was held recently on the 20th of January. Attending the awards and enjoying the advanced networking opportunities were approximately 120 BNI Members representing their Chapters from around the BNI Melbourne South Region.

Master of Ceremonies was BNI executive Director Brent Edwards and members were treated to some great guest Speakers including Podcaster, Branding and Social Media Specialist Annemarie Cross and Chiropractor and Neurological Specialist Dr Kathleen Lawson who also used the occasion to launch her new book “Busting the Brain Myths.” Judging by the reception, attendee’s agreed that both presentations were useful and informative.

This breakfast is also the time where high achievers are recognised throughout the Melbourne South region for their efforts within their chapters over the year past. Every member in the regions performance is benchmarked, taking into account Referrals, 1-2-1s, Attendance & Lateness (minus value), Visitors, Sponsoring new members, serving on the Leadership Team and of course Closed Business passed.

Totals are collated at BNI Melbourne South HQ and chapters and member’s performance is chartered in a “league table”, for their chapter and also against the rest of the members with the region to define the region’s member of the year. Totals from chapters also go towards finding the regions Chapter of the Year.

The breakfast also recognised Gold Club Members (members who have sponsored 6 or more members into BNI) and four 10 year members.

Congratulations to all award recipients at The BNI Melbourne South Awards

Member of the Year: Dave Rowlands – BNI Berwick

Chapter of the Year: BNI Pakenham

Chapter – Most Closed Business: BNI Mornington

Chapter Members of the Year:
BNI Berwick: Dave Rowlands
BNI Carrum Downs: Laura Green
BNI Casey: Rob Krol
BNI Frankston: Garry Ebbott
BNI Mordialloc: Charles Ellul
BNI Mornington: Cyril Campelj
BNI Pakenham: Michael Porter
BNI Peninsula: Jenny Wagg
BNI South Eastern: Matthew Boyes
BNI Westernport: John Rault

Gold Club Members
Carla Fogazzi – BNI Frankston
Pippa Hanson – BNI Peninsula
Michael Porter – BNI Pakenham

10 Year Members
Don Taylor – BNI Frankston
Dean Hutchins – BNI Frankston
Terry Morgan – BNI South Eastern
Ken Pilkington – BNI South Eastern

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Two local South Brisbane BNI Chapters got together early in December to hold a charity auction in which all proceeds are to be donated to Be A Hero Australia.

BNI Enterprise member Matt Jackson from Isonic & President Kevin Clarkin were the driving force behind the auction. Matt said they raised three times as much as he expected and was very happy with the overall results.

The auction would not have been possible without the support of Paul Khoury BNI Bayside chapter who runs Auctioneering Link. Paul donated his services & did a fantastic & fun job of encouraging the bidders.

Local businesses & members were invited to donate prizes which were auctioned off.

More details can be found at

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Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce?

In Ivan Misner’s book the 29% Solution he recommends that to be successful in networking you need to diversify where you are spending your networking time. He discusses the benefits of Referral Networking Groups (BNI), Professional & Trade Associations and of course Chambers of Commerce.

Being active in your local Chamber of Commerce is a good strategy and an effective way to convey to customers that your business is reputable and keen to be a part of the wider community.

It is no secret that membership of the local Chamber of Commerce provides business owners with up to date information on issues that affect their local area and a voice to lobby for the changes to grow a strong economic community.

Many Chambers of Commerce are recognised by Government as a great contributor with initiatives that change a local area. Chambers are at the forefront of business activity and a recognised force in an economic region.

Chambers provide group buying power, cheaper insurance and power purchases. Networking with colleagues, annual trade shows, social events are a few of the benefits for BNI Members joining their local Chamber of Commerce

BNI Power Groups who attend the same Chamber of Commerce have an added bonus of emitting a powerful presence and business marketing advantage. The simple fact that members have a strong relationship and can confidently introduce and recommend each other positions them as ‘connected’ people, people of influence.

They are also a great source of visitors to your chapter.

Once you have honed your Leadership skills at a BNI Meeting taking on a role in the Chamber will be second nature. Becoming a leader at the Chamber will raise your visibility and credibility in your local community.

Chambers of Commerce are actively looking for keynote speakers, so practice your skills at BNI and get your message out there.

Remember success in networking comes down to increasing your visibility and credibility which in turn will increase your profitability. Join your local chamber, get involved and reap the rewards.

US Trainers Margie Cowan & Mike Roberts with Buffalo Award Winner James Hamilton

Australia was lucky enough to have two of the world’s best BNI Trainers visit them during the 1st week of December in sunny Brisbane. Ok, it was raining over the whole three days of training but that wasn’t a problem as all the good stuff was happening inside!

Margie Cowan & Mike Roberts are 2 of BNI’s International top Trainers. They own and operate BNI Regions with a combined total of 4,800 members. If you add that to a combined 40 years of BNI experience, Margie & Mike were able to deliver powerful BNI knowledge to over 45 BNI Directors.

BNI Directors travelled from Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Newcastle, Forster & Port Macquarie to be in Brisbane for the three day training conference.

BNI has a BNI Director Training event tradition whereby a hand crafted Buffalo is awarded by popular vote to the Director who embodies the most BNI’s “Giver’s Gain” philosophy. One of our newest BNI Directors, James Hamilton from Forster won the award, so congratulations James!

Make sure you visit our Facebook Page for more photos from Directors Training.

If you are interested in being a BNI Director, talk to your Executive Director about opportunities in your area.

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The BNI Community is pumping on the Sunshine Coast with their annual BNI Sunshine Coast Big Breakfast which was held on Thursday 21st October 2010.

The event was well attended and attracted 254 enthusiastic people – 50 of which were Visitors to BNI! A great turnout for the region which has 310 members. Starting at 7am, members where lining up as early as 6:00am to hear the two guest speakers speaking on how to use networking and particularly BNI to grow their business.

Guest Speakers Geoff Butler, a BNI member and Assistant Director shared his experience on “Customising Your Message to suit your Target Audience using Personality Profiling”. The second guest speaker, also a BNI member, David Liow (Personal Fitness Trainer) shared his BNI experience, just returning for a world tour with Scissor Sisters and Kylie Minogue – all achieved through the power of “word –of-mouth” referrals.

One BNI member Jason Johns from Fast Spark Electrical said “The Big Breakfast was absolutely fantastic. I expected to hear some great speakers and enjoy breakfast. What I didn’t realise was all the extra work I picked up for my business. As a new business owner and BNI member, both only 4 months old, I credit BNI to my business growth. We have already needed to add an apprentice.”

BNI Sunshine Coast Chapters, run by Executive Director, Rob Warburton and his Team, enjoy a Chapter average of 33.7 members per Chapter.

The BNI Sunshine Coast Big Breakfast also contributed to the region achieving the highest level of qualifiers for the BNI annual membership drive draw. Five Chapters qualified:- BNI Power Partners, BNI Team Momentum, BNI Northern Lights, BNI Winning Edge and BNI Southern Cross – well done to the chapters –and to the region.

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