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Last month I posted 3 Things that Women Do Better Than Men, today it is the guys turn. Can you believe it ladies, there are things that men do better than we women. Of course you can, it is designed by nature. Men are great at doing a variety of things while women are great at others, we are different in every aspect of business and life. In this case we are going to look at 3 things that men do better at networking that women do.

The goal is for us to learn how to network with men and leverage our networks more effectively. Women are great at building strong long term relationship. Where we are weak is taking those relationships and turning them into business opportunities, for referrals and even sales. Here are 3 things that men do better and we can learn to do it too.

1. They can identify business opportunities quicker than women. Men can see opportunity and they are willing to go after in much quicker. In the world of networking, men can identify where they are most likely to be able to get and give referrals with someone.

2. They are more willing to ask for what they want. Their fear of rejection is much less than a woman’s fear of rejection. They are not afraid to ask people to do things for them, and they are clear about what they want and approach people in business with that in mind.

3. Men are much better at not taking things personally, they understand that it is about the business. They can have the business deal go bad and they know it should not get in the way of their friendship.

men hazel

These are great traits for women to be able to do also.

My next post will discuss how we can benefit by learning from each other.

What kinds of thing have you noticed about the differences in men and women networking?

hazelGuest Post Written by Hazel Walker: A passion for learning, personal growth, and relationship-building has been invaluable to Hazels evolution as a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur. Find out more at

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Family Obligations + Networking

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An extract from Business Networking + Sex

The Survey Says… Family Obligations

Although family obligations were not a big issue to most, the figure below found that women generally found it to be a problem slights more than did men

Statement to rate: I find that family obligations prevent or hinder me from networking

Female Male
Usually or Always 11.9% (663) 9.6% (531)
Sometimes 25% (1394) 23.2% (1285)
Never or Rarely 63% (3502) 67.2% (3719)

He Says… The Conflict Between Family Obligations and Networking

familymenAs the breadwinner, my primary responsibility to my family is to provide. I must provide a dwelling, food, heat, transportation, and all the other stuff that costs money. Though female primary breadwinners are on the rise, in more than 60% of households, men still hold that role, with the women being the primary caretaker of the family, according to a survey done in 2010.

The responsibilities of caretaker and breadwinner alike are not easy, and the hours of sweat equity invested are many. The duties and requirements cost money, energy, and most importantly time. For the breadwinner, that time spent is usually away from the family. It’s unfortunate, but I must do what I must do to provide for my family and maintain the lifestyle that my wife and I have decided is right for us.

Networking is an important part of my business. Building relationships, creating visibility and taking advantages of introductions opportunities to new professionals in the community are all mandatory aspects to growing a local business.  Does family time suffer because of it? Regrettably, yes.

I’d like women reading this to understand that for most men, time away from family is not what we want. It is simply what must be done. The reason family time does not get in the way of my networking is because I know that in order for my family to remain my primary commitment, focusing on my business must remain my primary objective.

There are cycles in which I produce the necessary cash flow to meet the family goals, and then I can relax, or ‘coast’ for a little bit and spend time with the family, but then the cycle inevitably starts up again and I have to honor the ebb and flow of keeping the bank ledger balanced. Also, by working extra hard on nights and mornings that aren’t reserved for important family events, I can get a little ahead and then be free to enjoy time with my family.

This extract is from Business Networking + Sex (not what you think) by Ivan Misner, Hazel M Walker and Frank J. De Raffele Jr.  Contact your local director for a copy.  Next month we see what “She says…”

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Business networking is about building relationships and who is better at building relationships than women.  When it comes to networking there are a few things that women are just naturally better at than the men.

There are things they can learn from us, just as there are things we can learn from them.   In this blog, I am listing the 3 things that women do better than the men.  The following blog will list the 3 things that men do better than women and the third in the series will discuss how we can learn from each other.  So, before you men get all upset, be patient, you time to shine will be next, ladies first!

  1. Women build deeper relationships with the people they meet than men do.  That is not to say that men do not build relationships, they do, but they do it differently and they define it differently.  This really plays out when men retire, once they are no longer working they have few close friends to do things with.  Good networking is about building good relationships.
  2. Women are excellent carriers of word-of-mouth.  Women will sing your praises when you do a good job for them, and typically they are less likely to refer someone if they have not used or seen the quality of your work or product.  When they do, no one will pass on the information better than a female.
  3. Women by nature are collaborators, they build community.  They will rally a group together to accomplish a goal or task.  Where men are often lone wolves, women like to do things in groups.  This plays very well in the business networking arena, it allows more people to win, when they are all working together.


All of these are good traits, and each of them have a downfall.  While it is important to build relationships, women often forget that they are building business relationships.

Relationships that are meant to help, to be leveraged for business on both sides.  We spend a lot of time building the relationships in the hope that they will do business with us, but we think that just because someone knows what we do, they will choose to use us when the need arises.

That is a belief that often holds us back from creating the success in our business networking that we are looking for.


hazelGuest Post Written by Hazel Walker: A passion for learning, personal growth, and relationship-building has been invaluable to Hazels evolution as a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur. Find out more at

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3895660_sKnowing a person’s level of competency was the most important characteristic for referring a person for women, and  women more than men felt that they needed to try the persons product or service prior to giving them a referral.

This is key information for you to know if your referral strategy is to gain more referral from women and their network of other women.  Many women feel that it is important to try your product or services prior to recommending or referring them.  However this isn’t possible for every product and service.  This is one of the reasons that Angie’s list (insert link) (and other review sites) became so popular, it made it easy for women to read what their neighbors were saying about the people hired to do work for them.  I was never a subscriber to the list but many of my friends were and I could call them and ask them who was getting the best reviews.  Unfortunately, many of my friends have dropped their subscription as the list went public, but I know that I can still call my friends and they will give me their opinion on local service people they or their friends have used.  I can count on it!

So, what can you do to help women trust your level of competency if they themselves have not used your product or service?  Here are 3 Tips that will help you gain trust and word of mouth with women in your network.

Samples, Trials And Reduced Cost

Give them free samples, free trials or a one time reduced cost.  Companies have been doing this for years when they are trying to engage females in a word of mouth campaign.  Women will often do this with products between friends.  I had a friend using a certain type of hair product called WEN that I was interested in but it was a little bit pricy so I was reluctant to order it with out trying it, so Lindsay gave me some of hers to try out.  Today I have a standing order for the WEN products. Companies like Mary Kay Cosmetics have always known that if you let them try it out first they will buy more later.


Get great testimonials!  Ok, I know you know this one but are you doing it?  Are you asking for testimonials?  When you get them what are you doing with them?  Go beyond the written testimonial, while they are great to have, the best ones are the ones where you ask your clients if you could interview them while you tape the interview.  When I go to a website and see video after video of testimonials from customers, I am more likely to choose your services over a competitors and this is more likely if someone I know has used the service and spoken highly about it.

Build Relationships

Don’t just sell to women, build a relationship.  If you spend time building a relationship of trust and goodwill even if she has not used your services, she will refer you.  The second most important thing to a woman is your character, if you take the time to build a relationship versus just selling to her, you will allow her to get to know your character and that too will help her be comfortable carrying your word of mouth message.

If your referral strategy is to create a business that includes women as your target market, I would strongly encourage both men and women to take the time to understand the way women refer business and how they want to be referred.  What influences them and what annoys them, women are relational and want to do business in a relational manner, are you prepared for that?


hazelGuest Post Written by Hazel Walker: A passion for learning, personal growth, and relationship-building has been invaluable to Hazels evolution as a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur. Find out more at

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