BNI Membership Drive: Kevin Bacon and BNI


There’s a great trivia game you can play on long car trips called ‘Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon’. It’s based on the ‘six degrees of separation’ idea, saying that any actor is linked to actor Kevin Bacon through their film roles – within six steps (and we challenge you to find an actor this doesn’t work with!).

An amazing idea, but what does all this have to do with BNI?

The Power of ‘Friend of a Friend’ Referrals

The idea that everyone is connected through six other people highlights the power of ‘friend of a friend’ referrals, which is exactly what BNI thrives on. Now that August and September are upon us and we are right in the middle of our annual National Membership Drive, the idea of how far and how wide we can reach across our networks has gained added importance.

Getting Involved in the New Members Drive

So this month we challenge you to do something within your chapter to help build your chapter, and make use of the countless possibilities that BNI membership allows.

1. Take a Family-Approach

Band together with two or three other chapters to host a joint visitors day.

Several chapters from the BNI Gold Coast region recently held just such an event. Three smaller chapters joined together, generating 20 visitors between them, and achieving a total of 60 people at the event. Not only did this mean increased energy in the room and greater visibility for the members, but it also led to several visitors applying for membership on the day. A very successful event.

2. Build Your Power Team

Did you know that BNI members get 67% of their referrals from members of their Power Team (groups of related businesses that share target clients, but don’t compete with each other)?

You could organise a Power Team Drive (like Glenn Kirkwood’s Power Team Program) to boost the number of members in your Power Team. Under Glenn’s 2010 program, for example, chapters that took on six new members across any of their power teams won $1,000 (in addition to getting more business). Another great result.

3. Offer a Motivating Prize

A case of wine, a bundle of cash, or anything else appropriately enticing you can think of. Offer it to the person in your chapter who brings the most visitors before 30 September. Watch your numbers increase!

Onwards & Upwards

So this month we encourage you to use the collective networks within and outside your chapters to generate new members and grow your businesses. And if we are all connected by six degrees of separation, you just never know who might know someone who knows Kevin Bacon (who might need a plumber, and an accountant, and a masseuse, and… )!

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