Do you want more closed business?


Want to increase your referrals and the closed business of the Chapter?

For some Chapters 30% of their closed business comes from visitors! So here are some inviting tips based on the GRIP of inviting:

G – Are you looking to GROW your business?
R – Would REFERRALS help you grow your business?
I – If I was to INVITE you to meet other business professionals that may want to refer you, would you want to meet them?
P – Meet me at (PLACE) at (date & time).

When there is a follow-up question such as “tell me more” or “what is this about”? The best way to answer this is to simply say: “This is my inner circle of business associates. We work together to find business for each other and we are looking for a (insert profession) to pass business to. Are you interested in meeting them?”

Lets face it members are doing the visitor a favour by inviting them, especially if they are looking to grow their business. There can only be one person per profession in the chapter and they are giving that person the opportunity to be that person. This is a privilege.

What are the common objections?
• Meeting is too early
• It cost too much
• I’m too busy
• I’m already networking
• I don’t need it

These types of objections are often raised when the person doing the inviting has said too much, so less is better. Visitors need to see, hear and experience BNI before they can make an informed decision about commitment. When you are asked for more information, try to stick to the tried and proven “These are people that are in my inner circle of business associates, would you like to meet them?” This is usually followed with a positive response. Members need to allow the meeting to sell itself. Once all the necessary information is provided in the usual proven BNI way, visitors can then make an informed decision on what is best for them.

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