Preparing for your Keynote Presentation


Education Coordinators Mini – Workshop

Preparing for your Keynote Presentation

This is a 2-4 minute workshop presented by the Education Co-ordinator or their nominee.
To the presenter: Please ensure that you are familiar with the objective of the workshop and read through the workshop before presenting it. What you say out loud to the chapter is written below.  The italics print is guidelines for you.

Start by saying……

You get to do your 10 minute Key-note Presentation to the chapter usually once or twice a year so it is extremely important to think about what you are wanting to say and do.

When your Key-Note Presentation comes up, what are some of the things you certainly want to do and not do?

Let’s start with the “To Do” list. Raise your had if you know something to be sure to do.

1. Be Prepared
2. Be On Time
3. Bring Visuals
4. Bring a Memorable Door Prize – (Don’t be Cheap.) – (Always have a back-up Door Prize.)
5. Ask for Specific Referrals!
6. Dress for the occasion. (Proper Business Attire)

These are all great ideas, so let’s talk now about what we definitely DON’T want to do:

1. Go Over Time.
2. Go Under Time.
3. Be Boring.
4. Hand-Outs during Your Presentation.
5. Ask for Questions. (If you have any questions, raise your hands to schedule a One-to-One meeting)
6. Bring wine as a door prize unless it’s your business.

Preparing in advance is as much of a key to success as the presentation itself. You know your target market so why not ask for members to invite those people to your meeting. Start asking in your sales manager moment a few weeks in advance those you want as visitors when you do your keynote presentation. This could be categories already filled in your chapter but that does not mean you don’t want to meet them – ASK!

Do these things and you will have a very successful Keynote Presentation.

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Preparing For Your Keynote Presentation – BNI Education

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