Top 5 Reasons to Invite Visitors


Education Coordinators Mini – Workshop

Top 5 Reasons to Invite Visitors

This is a 2-4 minute workshop presented by the Education Co-ordinator or their nominee.
To the presenter: Please ensure that you are familiar with the objective of the workshop and read through the workshop before presenting it. What you say out loud to the chapter is in below. The small print italics is guidelines for you

Purpose of this workshop: To highlight the importance of inviting visitors to the meeting

Start by saying…..

One of the great things about BNI is that you get to build beneficial relationships with other business people, another great thing is the new business contacts you are able to meet that Members and Directors bring as Visitors to the chapter.

Today I am going to share the Top 5 Reasons to Invite Visitors to your BNI Chapter.

1. It’s not about you! – You have to remember that your visitor might just be the person that one of your members has been trying to get in to see for months. WOW! How happy would that member be at that meeting? Or what if it was someone else’s visitor… Remember that it is all about Giver’s Gain.

2. Attrition Happens! – Yes that is correct. You can expect to loose members from time to time in a BNI chapter. It can be from a whole hoard of different things. Job Changes, some just can’t honour the commitment, and the list goes on. Visitors are the life blood of your chapter. This is where new members are found.

3. New blood = Energy! – When you introduce someone new to your chapter mix they usually will bring with them their own way of doing things. If the visitor that you invite has been properly warned of the sales manager moment they just might knock everyone off their feet with something new.

4. It can get someone off the fence. – So you have an opportunity that just won’t say yes to the product or service that you want to sell them. Invite them to the BNI group. Once there, you have the advantage of 20-30 people telling your visitor how great you are. You think that will help make the sale. On top of that you might have introduced the visitor to his next sell too.

5. Makes Cold Calling Easier. – Imagine you are either on the phone or walking in to do a cold call. This time instead of selling your own services; instead give something away. Tell the gatekeeper you want to invite the business owner / sales person to an exclusive meeting of your centres of influence / closest contacts. You might just find that the gate keeper is not so crabby after that lead-in.

Inviting Visitors to your meeting is as important as bringing referrals, new people in the room present new business opportunities, in fact some of our members have received their biggest referrals from Visitors.

So what are you waiting for, bring a visitor next week.

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Top 5 Reasons To Invite Visitors

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