Why Policies Are Good For Business


Education Coordinators Mini – Workshop

Why Policies Are Good For Business

This is a 2-4 minute workshop presented by the Education Co-ordinator or their nominee.
To the presenter: Please ensure that you are familiar with the objective of the workshop and read through the workshop before presenting it. What you say out loud to the chapter is written below.  The italics print is guidelines for you.

Purpose of this workshop: To highlight the importance of rules and policies in BNI

Start by saying……

Some people ask us: “Why does BNI have so many policies and rules?” Today we are explaining why BNI is a system based on a comprehensive list of rules – and how you benefit from them.

The BNI system has proven rules and recommendations around:

  • Joining
  • Attending
  • Referring
  • Training
  • The Weekly Meeting
  • Leadership

There are many parts that contribute to creating a successful networking and word-of-mouth marketing group. While there may be “many” rules at first glance, policies to govern the principles under which a group comes together and decides to do business are crucial for achieving a common vision – and for the group’s success.

Look at it this way: You would not accept or start a job without having seen a job description and salary offer. So why would you want to join a networking group (= job) that has no direction, no expectations of its members, no way to measure its efforts (= no job description) – or can’t articulate the likely reward (= salary) you will receive for your hard work?

Some new members and visitors ask why BNI is so “strict?” The answer to the “why?” is simple – discipline creates value.

There is a lot of information, content and value contained in each weekly meeting:

  • Visibility for members/visitors (business cards, 60-second & 10-minute presentations)
  • Credibility (referrals, raps, and presentation)
  • Profitability & Measurement (referrals and closed business)
  • Accountability (VP and Treasurer Reports, Referral Reality Check)
  • Training (MSP, etc.)
  • Social Connection (events)

There are only 90 minutes available weekly that need to be used effectively. To lead a group of 25 to 75 people orderly (!) through a meeting of that length, and provide value to all participants – now that requires discipline.

Every rule in BNI is aimed at enabling its members to understand, practice and benefit from Givers Gain®.

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Why Policies Are Good For Business – BNI Education

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