BNI Members’ Question Corner Launched


At the broadest level, BNI networking is all about making connections. It’s about meeting other members to talk and to listen. To find out how we can support their businesses, and to share with them how they can support ours.

Making Connections

When we focus in on these connections, what we see at their core is a continuous series of questions and answers – usually quite naturally followed by more questions and more replies: “What kind of referrals are you looking for?”; “My perfect referral is…”. “How can I help find those referrals?”; “I would love your help with…”.

Introducing Your “Question Corner”!

These kinds of questions and answers are not only central to our face-to-face meetings across our BNI Chapters, but also to our connections in the online environment.

It is with this in mind, that we are delighted to announce the launch of the members’ “Question Corner” on the BNI Blog, the BNI Australia Facebook page, and in our monthly newsletter!

Your Wish, Our Command

The new Question Corner is just one of the results (we have more up our sleeve) of the survey we recently asked you to take part in. A staggering 40.7% of our members said they would like to have a space to post questions and receive informative feedback.

We know that when we connect and learn from each other, we are sharing the business and networking knowledge of several thousand BNI members from all across Australia – and that’s pretty powerful stuff.

All Kinds of Questions

So, what kind of questions might you see answered in the Members’ Question Corner?

Well, anything! It’s entirely up to you.

You might like to find out more about getting the best out of your BNI membership, or you may be looking for new networking tips, or you could have questions about the individual roles in the Leadership Team: whatever your question, we want to hear it.

Asking Your Questions

And how do you pose questions to your Question Corner?

It’s easy. Just email them to us at email and we will start putting together the answers for you – and all other readers. Remember to check our Facebook page and the BNI Blog regularly to catch up on the latest Question Corner postings. And, of course, we will be highlighting some questions and answers in the newsletter every month.

We know that by asking questions we make connections, and by making connections we build our businesses – and that’s what BNI is all about.

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