Big Breakfast with a Bang on the Sunshine Coast


The BNI Community is pumping on the Sunshine Coast with their annual BNI Sunshine Coast Big Breakfast which was held on Thursday 21st October 2010.

The event was well attended and attracted 254 enthusiastic people – 50 of which were Visitors to BNI! A great turnout for the region which has 310 members. Starting at 7am, members where lining up as early as 6:00am to hear the two guest speakers speaking on how to use networking and particularly BNI to grow their business.

Guest Speakers Geoff Butler, a BNI member and Assistant Director shared his experience on “Customising Your Message to suit your Target Audience using Personality Profiling”. The second guest speaker, also a BNI member, David Liow (Personal Fitness Trainer) shared his BNI experience, just returning for a world tour with Scissor Sisters and Kylie Minogue – all achieved through the power of “word –of-mouth” referrals.

One BNI member Jason Johns from Fast Spark Electrical said “The Big Breakfast was absolutely fantastic. I expected to hear some great speakers and enjoy breakfast. What I didn’t realise was all the extra work I picked up for my business. As a new business owner and BNI member, both only 4 months old, I credit BNI to my business growth. We have already needed to add an apprentice.”

BNI Sunshine Coast Chapters, run by Executive Director, Rob Warburton and his Team, enjoy a Chapter average of 33.7 members per Chapter.

The BNI Sunshine Coast Big Breakfast also contributed to the region achieving the highest level of qualifiers for the BNI annual membership drive draw. Five Chapters qualified:- BNI Power Partners, BNI Team Momentum, BNI Northern Lights, BNI Winning Edge and BNI Southern Cross – well done to the chapters –and to the region.

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