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US Trainers Margie Cowan & Mike Roberts with Buffalo Award Winner James Hamilton

Australia was lucky enough to have two of the world’s best BNI Trainers visit them during the 1st week of December in sunny Brisbane. Ok, it was raining over the whole three days of training but that wasn’t a problem as all the good stuff was happening inside!

Margie Cowan & Mike Roberts are 2 of BNI’s International top Trainers. They own and operate BNI Regions with a combined total of 4,800 members. If you add that to a combined 40 years of BNI experience, Margie & Mike were able to deliver powerful BNI knowledge to over 45 BNI Directors.

BNI Directors travelled from Perth, Adelaide, Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Newcastle, Forster & Port Macquarie to be in Brisbane for the three day training conference.

BNI has a BNI Director Training event tradition whereby a hand crafted Buffalo is awarded by popular vote to the Director who embodies the most BNI’s “Giver’s Gain” philosophy. One of our newest BNI Directors, James Hamilton from Forster won the award, so congratulations James!

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If you are interested in being a BNI Director, talk to your Executive Director about opportunities in your area.

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