BNI International Conference: Just Awesome!


From 11- 14 November 2011, sunny Long Beach, California, attracted BNI Directors from all corners of the globe for the BNI International Director’s Conference 2011.

For three days, nearly 600 BNI Directors gathered at the Hyatt Regency Hotel (joined by another 250 Member’s Day-only attendees) for what they do best:


Should you think this crowd was getting all California-style laid-back for a few days – think again!  Your very own BNI Director likely slogged away almost non-stop to bring you back the best new tactics, education and tools to take your chapter to new heights.

From the Horses’ Mouth(s)

We spoke to Louise Greenup (BNI Sydney CBD South), Brent Edwards (BNI Melbourne South), Sue Anthoney (BNI Sydney North West), and Daniel Garlick (BNI Tasmania) to find out what they took away from this year’s conference.

They told us that they worked hard, made great new connections, and had fun doing so.  Perhaps that’s not all that surprising, because the BNI International Conference works like a giant chapter meeting!

“Attending the BNI International Conference should come with a warning,” Louise Greenup says, tongue-in-cheek.

“Attendees were on their ‘A game’ and ready for action,” she continues.  “Shaking the hands of true givers from around the world was a rich experience.  An abundance of information and educational material was freely passed between attendees.  Now that was special,” Louise enthuses.

“Just awesome!”

What Impressed You Most At The International Conference?

Louise was impressed with how truly global BNI is, and how easily everyone and anyone from all corners of the world shared – in true Givers Gain® fashion.

For Brent and Dan, the access to the most-successful BNI people in the world, and the time they offered, was a highlight.  Dan especially appreciated the opportunity to interview several BNI ‘masters’, including Lee Abraham and Mike Macedonio.

Everyone mentioned the high quality of the content and speakers, as well as the chance to reconnect, as some true highlights of attending this year’s BNI International Director’s Conference 2011.

Creative Sue Anthoney even put her health on the line for the cause and cornered the smokers: “I met so many National Director’s, Executive Director’s, Assistant Director’s and members from all over the world in the smoking area and hotel entrance – it led to several great 1-on-1’s,” she reveals.

Which One Tip Can You Pass On To Members?

“We need to share our success stories more,” Brent argues.  “Member success stories really help us build the BNI brand.  They also help us recruit – and maintain – members.”

Dan adds that BNI Directors who constantly refine tools and strategies will succeed in making BNI memberships more valuable, by teaching members better strategies to make money.

“The value of holding each other accountable is so important,” Louise points out.  “It limits time wasted, because members and chapters know what is expected, and when.”

Why Should Directors & Members Attend?

Valuable, lasting learning happens easiest in a positive environment – when you are enjoying yourself.  And for Louise the conference amply provided both: fun, and a very positive place to learn.  “Truly a unique experience,” she sums it up.

The outstanding content certainly makes it worthwhile for any member passing through or living close by to attend the Member’s Day, according to Brent.

“Director content is equally excellent, and the other attendees really respect that you have travelled so far, as most have,” Brent explains.  “They are happy to give you their time in return.”  For him, this is the place to tap into the knowledge of the many BNI ‘masters’, all in the one go.  “For personal development, as a BNI Director, this conference is unrivalled in the BNI calendar.”

Dan believes that every BNI Director should attend – to meet their peers and to exchange ideas.  He says “the contacts you make at these conferences last a lifetime!”

On Being a Director…

All our Directors seem to have left the BNI International Director’s Conference 2011 newly invigorated, armed with new tools, and bursting with new knowledge, motivation, and inspiration.  Not to mention the excitement at having connected with old and new contacts from across the globe.

Being a BNI Director can be hard work.

But as our interviewees’ responses show: it also has its rich rewards.

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