BNI Members Raise $7500 to Help Stop Women and Child Trafficking


Two local South Brisbane BNI Chapters got together early in December to hold a charity auction in which all proceeds are to be donated to Be A Hero Australia.

BNI Enterprise member Matt Jackson from Isonic & President Kevin Clarkin were the driving force behind the auction. Matt said they raised three times as much as he expected and was very happy with the overall results.

The auction would not have been possible without the support of Paul Khoury BNI Bayside chapter who runs Auctioneering Link. Paul donated his services & did a fantastic & fun job of encouraging the bidders.

Local businesses & members were invited to donate prizes which were auctioned off.

More details can be found at http://www.beaheroaustralia.org/bni

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  1. Nicky Mih says:

    Wow! Well Done! I am the president of Noosa BNI and also CEO of Free To Shine, a new not for profit company, set up to empower through education to end sex slavery by providing scholarships. I would love to talk with Matt and Kevin about how you organised this event as we might like to then do something similar up here on The Sunshine Coast. Thanks guys!

    Nicky Mih


  2. admin says:

    Hi Nicky
    Search for the members on the trade directory and get in contact with them, otherwise let me know and I’ll get you in contact with someone.

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