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Adrian Bromley
Managing Director
XSellerate Performance Solutions
BNI Aurora in the BNI Brisbane Region

Tell us about your business:

As an accredited “Brian Tracy” Licencee we deliver high quality Training and Professional Development programs in just about every location throughout Australia. With access to over 100 Nationally Recognised Qualifications, Government funding options and a 100% money back Guarantee, we provide a totally risk free opportunity to change people’s lives for the better.
Nobody wants training, but most people and businesses want to improve themselves. We actually highlight how much money you WILL MAKE from your investment or we won’t even start.

What are your top 3 networking tips?

  1. Givers Gain. Help others and you WILL benefit.
  2. Get involved. The more you do the faster you grow. (It’s called NetWORKing).
  3. Quality networking is about Farming not Hunting. Spend quality time with people.

What can’t you live without?

Laughter and passion. I have a philosophy of having fun in both my personal and business life. (Unless you’re at a funeral). And without real passion you won’t get very far.
(plus:- oxygen, a heart and brain, coffee, Friday drinks, chocolate, my wife, our boys and family, my cars, my music – not necessarily in that order)

Which Business Book Would Your Recommend & Why?

Brian Tracy – Goals. An amazing guide to getting everything you want, Faster than you ever thought possible. Clear simple steps everyone can use immediately. I occasionally offer a FREE electronic copy as part of our quarterly newsletter. Just register on our website (membership is also FREE).  And “Vorco” the rare book and almost perfect NLP program (before it was even called NLP) that I acquired about 30 years ago and it changed my life.

How Did Your Find Out About BNI & Why Did You Join?

BNI was suggested by our National Licensor, as an option to increase business. From day one I was impressed by the professionalism, the clear processes and the friendly positive (fun) atmosphere.  The BNI Aurora chapter was also a local network and suited my desire to source more business locally and avoid my growing disgust with peak hour traffic.

How Long Have You Been a Member For?

Two years with another two years paid in advance.

What Position/s On The Leadership Team Have You Held?

President, Education

What value & benefit have you or your business gained by being a BNI Member?

Financially it has paid for itself “literally” 10 times over. And I have only just scratched the surface of its real potential, especially once members learn how to maximise the networking tools they have available to them.
Non-financially it has been just as beneficial. I have access to a networking of like-minded professionals that I have built some great relationships with. People I can offer my knowledge and experience to when needed and in return I can call upon them to toss around ideas, build my business and have fun.

What Do You Wish Someone Had Told Your When You First Joined BNI? 

That the “Farming” within the chapter was critical. If you get an early referral (first 3 months) its most likely to be another member who has an immediate need for your product/service.  Getting referrals from their clients involves a huge amount of trust, and you need to earn it.

Do You Have a BNI Story to share?

This year’s BNI Leadership Induction Training in Brisbane bought together a number of chapters into the one venue. It was a great opportunity to get to know some of the others and participate in some structured training for our new roles. After a few weeks I again contacted my peers that I had met, and was surprised he hear that a number where all planning similar strategies to myself, almost like we were somehow linked together.

Your Dream Referral Is…

My dream referral would be Clive Palmer (Queensland Businessman, most widely known for his Mineralogy and natural resource companies)

Just give me a call………

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  1. Tim Shore says:

    Hi Adrian,

    It was really nice to meet you last week in Brisbane.
    Just wanted to say thank you for your inspiring presentation on “Understanding the laws or persuasion. Getting people to agree to your proposal”

    I can see how the givers gain concept lines up with your reciprocity principle. It is so simple yet so effective.

    Really looking forward to attending your next presentation.

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