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Caroline Welsh
Caroline Welsh Physiotherapy
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Tell us about your business:

I give people who suffer from snoring, insomnia, difficulty breathing through their nose an alternative to machines, dental devices, drugs and surgery.I am passionate about everyone getting a great night’s sleep!

What are your top 3 networking tips?


What can’t you live without?

A great nights sleep

Which Business Book Would Your Recommend & Why?

The science of getting rich by Wallace Wattles.
It was written in 1910, is simple to read and has stood the test of time.

How Did Your Find Out About BNI & Why Did You Join?

I met a lovely woman at a networking evening and she invited me along. I joined because of the structure and the lack of alcohol!

How Long Have You Been a Member For?

7 Months

What Position/s On The Leadership Team Have You Held? 

Visitors Host

What value & benefit have you or your business gained by being a BNI Member?

I have been introduced to some fabulous people in my industry that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I am starting research into the effect of my treatment on snoring and sleep apnoea

What Do You Wish Someone Had Told Your When You First Joined BNI? 

Keep it simple , no one understands your language

Your Dream Referral Is…

A sleep Physician in South Yarra, who is passionate about helping people to breathe easier through their nose.

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