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Chris Peacock
Inspire Excellence
BNI Centre Line in the BNI Perth Region

Tell us about your business:

Inspire Excellence offers dynamic, engaging, and specifically-tailored success coaching designed to help individuals and businesses alike reach a higher level of life achievement. Using the uniquely effective Affinity Coaching method to approach life coaching, team development, mentoring and more, we can help you learn for yourself the empowerment and strength that comes with true improvement.

What are your top 3 networking tips?

•Mind your manners – Networking might have it’s own additional set of rules and customs, but all of society’s normal, mannerly expectations still apply. Listen more than you talk, be thoughtful in your interactions and generous with your time when you can. Being perceived as professionally weak is something to avoid, but that never happens as a result of having good manners.

•Elevator pitches still matter -There will always be a reason to sell what you do in a very short window of time. It will always play in your favour if you maintain the ability to do that in a way that manages to cover who you are, what you do, and why it’s relevant. Remain casual and efficient, not forced or pushy. You should repeatably practice ahead of time and, periodically update your pitch.

•Play to your weaknesses. There are loads of apps and online/mobile tools that can bolster your networking arsenal. For example, if you know you’re prone to having a memory lapse about following up with new contacts, plan ahead. Set an alarm to go off the following week right when you first enter that person’s contact info into your mobile.

What can’t you live without?

My family

Which Business Book Would Your Recommend & Why?

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. This book provides a rounded, principle driven approach to life and provides great insight for solving both personal and professional problems.

How Did Your Find Out About BNI & Why Did You Join?

BNI was recommended to me by a colleague who said it was highly beneficial to him in growing his business. I joined to experience the same results for my business

How Long Have You Been a Member For?

One Year

What Position/s On The Leadership Team Have You Held?


What value & benefit have you or your business gained by being a BNI Member?

Internal referrals have generated the largest part of my income this year. Additionally I know I have trusted service providers who have and will continue to treat my clients in a professional manner

What Do You Wish Someone Had Told Your When You First Joined BNI? 

The mentoring program was not clearly explained to me in the beginning. It took quite a while to find my feet. It would be great to be allocated a buddy who takes you under their wing for the first month.

Your Dream Referral Is…

Andrew Forrest, owner of Fortescue Metals

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