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Natalie Alaimo
Natalie Alaimo International
BNI Infinity in the Gold Coast Region

Tell us about your business:

We help you build the brand of you using social media and online marketing. We do this via training workshops, coaching and self paced learning products. Learn to leverage the power of Facebook without spending all day.

What are your top 3 networking tips?

  • Arrive early and stay late.
  • Don’t talk about yourself.
  • Go with a specific goal in mind and don’t leave until you have achieved it.

What can’t you live without?

White wine, my partner Dean, my mother Leonie and my iPad.

Which Business Book Would Your Recommend & Why?

How Full It Your Bucket.  It’s a quick read with a great message which can really impact the quality of your relationships, in business and in life.

How Did Your Find Out About BNI & Why Did You Join?

After attending a Chamber event I was asked for coffee and the lady wanted to know more about my business – to say the least I was very surprised that someone wanted to learn about my business – and then she told me about BNI.  I visited the meeting and decided to stop our monthly unaddressed mail delivery and have never looked back.

How Long Have You Been a Member For?

5 years on and off

What Position/s On The Leadership Team Have You Held?

President, Vice President, Education, Visitor Host and Treasurer

What value & benefit have you or your business gained by being a BNI Member?

Through BNI I built a network which allowed me to change the my business twice, speak internationally and be successful at whatever I choose to do.

What Do You Wish Someone Had Told Your When You First Joined BNI? 

Your biggest investment in BNI is your time and if you build the relationships you will get the business for many years to come.

Your Dream Referral Is…

Mortgage Choice – To train their brokers on how to build a brand online and gain extra business.


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