Are you a good or GREAT Networker?


It’s not “Net-Sit” or “Net-Eat” – It’s “Network”. Successful networking is about learning how to ‘work’ the networking process – not just letting it happen.

In many ways, success at networking is the perfect example of the uncommon application of common knowledge. Most people understand that networking is important to their success – they just lack the step by step process to get the results they want.  Almost no one really incorporates a comprehensive methodology that will build a business through networking. Thus, the need to network is “common knowledge”, and the development of the methodology required to be successful at it is the “uncommon application”

We have found that businesspeople tend to fall into one of two groups when it comes to their views on networking. For many, the current mindset is that networking is a passive business strategy, not a proactive marketing tool. This attitude results in a scattered, often ineffective networking approach that consequently wastes the business owners time and money. Not surprisingly, when people feel they’ve been wasting their time and money on something, they’re understandably not going to continue.

On the other hand, some proprietors do consider networking a proactive marketing tool for their business. How can you tell? They make it a significant part of their marketing and business plans. They have networking goals. They may even have a budget line item for networking. Most importantly, they practice it and live it every day.

Networking for business growth must be strategic and focused. Not everyone you meet can help you move your business forward – but everything you do can be driven by the intention to grow your business. 

You have total control over who you meet, where you meet them, and how you develop and leverage relationships for mutual benefit.

Great networkers move their business forward, but they don’t do it alone. Great networkers have a plan, work to expand their network, go the extra mile, know how to get the most value for their time, communicate their message effectively, become the experts, capture their best stories and do what others don’t do.

People are drawn to them. New client go to them because they hear about them from so many people. Great networkers don’t need to do much selling, because many people come to them, ready to buy.

Imagine that! People coming to you, ready to buy! Are you smiling? You should be. Becoming a great, effective networker is within your reach. Your income is directly related to your ability to network your business for growth. Are you ready to get started?

Are you committed to actively growing your business by word of mouth? Have you decided that now is the time for you to advance from good to great?

If you’re ready, then let’s begin by discovering how well you are networking your business right now.  What are you doing well, and what are you doing not so well? You have to understand this in order to know where you are going.

We’ve made the process a little easier by providing you a structured self assessment tool. Using this exercise you can identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Be honest. Be brutally honest.

It will help you focus on specific goals and accountabilities – and, without a doubt, it will keep you focused on the true meaning of business networking.

Complete your self assessment here.

Taken from The 29% Solution by Ivan Misner.  For more information and how to make really changes in your networking, pick up your copy here.

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