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Last year BNI celebrated its 25th anniversary. In a quarter of a century, BNI has gone from a spare room in founder Ivan Misner’s home to a multi-national company with more than 1,000 employees worldwide.
And today, BNI members pass over 6 million referrals and generate close to $3 billion in business – every year.

Before BNI Was Born

Back in 1985, BNI founder Ivan Misner ran his own consulting company. He had just taken out a mortgage for a new house when soon after he suddenly lost his biggest client. Unfortunately, the bank still wanted the monthly loan repayment, though. So, what to do? Advertising and PR wouldn’t help – his clientele was too niche and these options expensive. Direct mail or cold calling didn’t seem the answer either.

It All Started With a Simple Idea

Ivan, like many other businesses owners, already received referrals through his informal network of business acquaintances. But they were mostly an afterthought and coincidental product of a conversation. And many referrals too often were just vague leads in the cold light of day.

But the concept of referrals was good.
Ivan decided to harness the power of recommendations and referrals by making them more targeted, informed and plentiful – he knew he needed a networking system.

The seed that would turn into BNI was planted.

Today, BNI’s first employee and four of the original founding-members are still with the organisation.

How BNI Is Different

What Ivan realised was that no networking group existed that combined all the elements that he was looking for, and was convinced would lead to more quality referrals and more prosperity.

He wanted to be part of a networking group that offered a “system of mutually beneficial networking based on business referrals in a positive environment”. A system designed from the ground up to do one thing really well: generate the highest-possible number of high-quality referrals for all, from as many sources as possible.

BNI’s Keys to Success

Since its beginnings in the 1980s, BNI has provided the benefits and advantages that Ivan set out to achieve for his own business success. Little did he know then that his group of four would turn into the largest business networking organization in the world!

Today BNI is going strong due to:

And so, a simple idea keeps businesses prosper in Australia, and all over the world.

Meet Ivan Misner – Book for his Australia Visit Now!

Ivan will be visiting Australia in May/June 2012 to promote his book “Business Networking & Sex (Not What You Think)” – and to meet you!

This is your chance to have the founder of BNI speak at your regional events. First, find out more about where and when you can hear Ivan speak here.  Please contact your regional director or go to Ivan’s Tour Dates for the best way to connect with Ivan on his Australia visit 2012.

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