BNI Treasurers: It’s Not Just A Numbers Game


This month we are continuing our short series on the Leadership Roles within BNI. It will help you decide whether and how you want to raise our visibility and credibility by supporting your chapter in the new term, starting in October. In this issue, we are looking at the role of the member in control of the chapter’s finances and speaker roster: the BNI Treasurer.

Keeping the Chapter Financially on Track

The role of the BNI Treasurer is one of the important and highly visible prongs that make a strong leadership team. In control of the chapter’s purse strings, the BNI Treasurer ensures that your chapter’s finances are shipshape and membership dues are up to date.

Communication & Support

As your chapter’s Treasurer, your responsibilities don’t stop at money matters, though: the role is also supporting the President and Vice President in providing leadership, motivation, and direction for the chapter. Those three members lead each weekly meeting, and they need to work well together to make each session successful and dynamic.

Each meeting is a chance to gain more visibility and credibility amongst a large group of potential referrers: your chapter members and your visitors.

Making the 10-Minute Presentation Work

Another VCP opportunity for the Treasurer is the weekly announcement of the 10-minute presentation speaker. They also make sure that the presenter is clear on the format of the talk, and that a door prize is available.
The Treasurer supports the speaker by introducing them with some background information, and focussing the group’s attention on the upcoming talk – effectively setting the speaker up for a successful presentation during which they can concentrate on their business and requests for ideal referral sources.

What Else is Involved?

As the Treasurer you are in contact with the other Leadership Team members, the Regional Director, your meeting venue, and all chapter members and visitors – so your visibility is very high. Speaking at the weekly meeting requires the Treasurer to be a dynamic and confident presenter.

  • Stand in for the President and VP in their absence
  • Look after the chapter’s finances
  • Update chapter on due membership renewals
  • Maintain the speaker roster & introduce the weekly speaker
  • Support the 10-minute presenter
  • Work on the chapter’s quality and direction
  • Receive networking training

Weekly, the chapter gets a chance to get to know you better. Treasurers, like Vice Presidents and Presidents, tend to receive an increased number of referrals during their term.

Are You Ready to Be A Leader?

What great ideas do you have for your chapter? Which leadership position do you think would suit you best, which would be an exciting opportunity for you?

Whatever position you choose, you can be sure that your visibility and credibility will receive a boost that results in more referrals and business opportunities for you.

Ask your current President how you can become part of the next Leadership Team.

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