Event Co-Ordinators: 
About More Than Just Fun and Games


Welcome back to our series on the BNI Leadership Team roles! After looking at what the Education Co-Ordinator gets up to every week within their responsibilities, this time we turn our attention to the Event Co-Ordinator. This role represents the glue that binds chapter, members, BNI regional directors, visitors, and the greater community together.

Let’s take a closer look.

Did You Know…?

The Event Co-Ordinator will be known as Chapter Growth Co-Ordinator in future – you will hear more from us about that soon.

No mater the name, though: the role’s responsibilities come in a number of shapes and forms. If there is one role within BNI that has to wear many (and quite different) hats, than its this Leadership Team member!

As the Event / Chapter Growth Co-Ordinator you perform a central role that ensures that members are well-educated, and get a chance to get to know each other better outside dances and regular meetings. For your chapter as a whole you open business opportunities that exist in your wider community. And you can have a lot of fun doing it – creativity is encouraged.

Liaisons Officer & Promoter

As a role that wears a serious and a fun(ny) hat, the Event Co-Ordinator has a hand in organising a large range of different events and related issues for your chapter. The position does important work connecting your chapter internally, with other local and regional BNI and networking groups – and in promoting you and your chapter to your local business community.

It’s All in a Day’s Work

“Training, Visibility, Fun and Growth!” are this Leadership Team member’s catch-cry when they organise and promote:

  • MSP, Leadership, and other BNI training events,
  • “Stack Days” (aka Focused Visitor Days) on which the whole chapter concentrates on inviting representatives of one particular unrepresented category,
  • Any trade shows and events the chapter wants to participate in,
  • Multi-chapter meetings,
  • Local Chamber of Commerce and community events,
  • Location of your chapter venue, and, of course,
  • Social events to build better relationships among all members.

They also assist the Leadership Team and Regional Director on any special projects, as it may be required.

Ideally, the Event / Chapter Growth Co-Ordinator reports weekly to the group, to encourage members to bring visitors, and to connect with local businesses.

Keep it Busy in the Silly Season!

Successful chapters with switched-on Event Co-Ordinators know a little secret…

The best way to keep the referral-buzz going and business steady during times when regular meetings are off, is to organize a couple of social events for this time.

So, with the long-ish Christmas, New Year’s and Australia Day period not far away, this is something to think about now. In our December issue, we will give you tips on how to keep your connections going during your well-deserved and much-anticipated break after a long year.
Create extra referrals in a fun and relaxed way… Now that’s a nice stocking filler!

Can You Wear Two Hats?

Now that you know what your Event / Chapter Growth Co-Ordinator gets up to – do you think you can fill those shoes on the next Leadership Team?

Or do you have an idea for a great social event for the Holiday Season – to keep relationships in your chapter strong and memories refreshed?

Speak to your Event / Chapter Growth Co-Ordinator about your ideas – you will help strengthen bonds and make your chapter even more successful.

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