Use These 3 Strategies to Build Credibility With Women


3895660_sKnowing a person’s level of competency was the most important characteristic for referring a person for women, and  women more than men felt that they needed to try the persons product or service prior to giving them a referral.

This is key information for you to know if your referral strategy is to gain more referral from women and their network of other women.  Many women feel that it is important to try your product or services prior to recommending or referring them.  However this isn’t possible for every product and service.  This is one of the reasons that Angie’s list (insert link) (and other review sites) became so popular, it made it easy for women to read what their neighbors were saying about the people hired to do work for them.  I was never a subscriber to the list but many of my friends were and I could call them and ask them who was getting the best reviews.  Unfortunately, many of my friends have dropped their subscription as the list went public, but I know that I can still call my friends and they will give me their opinion on local service people they or their friends have used.  I can count on it!

So, what can you do to help women trust your level of competency if they themselves have not used your product or service?  Here are 3 Tips that will help you gain trust and word of mouth with women in your network.

Samples, Trials And Reduced Cost

Give them free samples, free trials or a one time reduced cost.  Companies have been doing this for years when they are trying to engage females in a word of mouth campaign.  Women will often do this with products between friends.  I had a friend using a certain type of hair product called WEN that I was interested in but it was a little bit pricy so I was reluctant to order it with out trying it, so Lindsay gave me some of hers to try out.  Today I have a standing order for the WEN products. Companies like Mary Kay Cosmetics have always known that if you let them try it out first they will buy more later.


Get great testimonials!  Ok, I know you know this one but are you doing it?  Are you asking for testimonials?  When you get them what are you doing with them?  Go beyond the written testimonial, while they are great to have, the best ones are the ones where you ask your clients if you could interview them while you tape the interview.  When I go to a website and see video after video of testimonials from customers, I am more likely to choose your services over a competitors and this is more likely if someone I know has used the service and spoken highly about it.

Build Relationships

Don’t just sell to women, build a relationship.  If you spend time building a relationship of trust and goodwill even if she has not used your services, she will refer you.  The second most important thing to a woman is your character, if you take the time to build a relationship versus just selling to her, you will allow her to get to know your character and that too will help her be comfortable carrying your word of mouth message.

If your referral strategy is to create a business that includes women as your target market, I would strongly encourage both men and women to take the time to understand the way women refer business and how they want to be referred.  What influences them and what annoys them, women are relational and want to do business in a relational manner, are you prepared for that?


hazelGuest Post Written by Hazel Walker: A passion for learning, personal growth, and relationship-building has been invaluable to Hazels evolution as a woman, a mother and an entrepreneur. Find out more at

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  1. Hi Hazel,
    Cannot agree more with what you have written here and in Networking and Sex. I am so glad that people are finally starting to realise that selling, networking and marketing to women is different than the traditional marketing models use. We have very different needs and priorities than men and have different decision making processes. The research my business has done also indicates that women highly value relationships and trust even over competancy – which can be an unkown when hiring someone for the first time. I guess that is why my business does so well as there are more and more great businesses realising that if they dont start taking these factors into account and marketing to women in a way that connects with them they will be missing out on the lions share of the consumer market.
    Someone from my BNI saw you speak last week and said it was fantastic!
    Kind Regards

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