Planned Systems Yield More Results… He Says and She Says


systemExcerpt from Business Networking + Sex by Ivan Misner, Frank De Raffele and Hazel Walker

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He Says

Systems? We have systems for everything! Have you ever watched a man build a fire on the grill? It is a system of beauty.  First you clean the grill, then you neatly stack the charcoals into a pyramid, and with great care then douse the charcoal with a precise amount of lighter fluid. Light that charcoal, and, ahhhh, fire. There just something about fire! Once the fire is just right, as only a man can tell, it’s time to throw your dinosaur steaks on the coals and let them sizzle! You see? We know systems, and the fire-making one is an example of one we perfected thousands of years ago.

There are many systems in business and it is important that we use them to our advantage, much like the fire. Putting systems in place that allow us to follow up consistently and stay in touch sounds like it should be pretty easy; after all, we dominated fire. So why do more more not use systems to complement their business activities? I would venture to say that staying in touch feels just a little too relational.  After all, those business contacts already know us and we’ve already sold them something, so why do we need to stay in touch?

If I told you having a system would allow you to make more money, would you be willing to use one? Of course you would. More money equals more free time, and if systems are in place to help, then we save both time and effort.

How many times have you forgotten to follow up on a referral or a call in a timely manner? It probably wasn’t because you didn’t have every good intention of doing so, but sometimes we become so busy that we forget the little things. Yes, women are better natural multi taskers. We men have to put more systems into place to make sure that we don’t drop that very detailed ball. Every time we do, it costs money! By and large, implementing more systems around our work allows us to make more money so that we have the time to do the things we love, like building fires!

She Says

The fortune is in the follow-up. Recently I passed a referral to a gentleman. I told him it was a done deal. I never heard from him, so I passed it to a second man and told him the same thing. He also never called me. The follow-up was completely dropped, simply because neither of these gentlemen had a system for following up, or there was an issue with me being a woman. Either way there was opportunity lost. This rarely happens to me with women, who will call or email me right away after a referral is made.

I once gave a man a $30,000 project referral that he never followed up on. I even called him a second time to give him a second chance. I gave the same referral to a woman and she followed up within 24 hours. Maybe this is the reason women feel they’re getting more business from their networking activities than men. They are more consistent with follow- up.

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