The Power of Your Network: BNI Releases the Rock Star Within


rockstarThere is something to be said for being part of a network.  You should always surround yourself with diversity, with people who have differing talents and differing opinions. Add value to these people. Surround yourself with people who will be open and honest with you, so that you, and they, learn and grow. Look at the group of people you surround yourself with, how do you add value to this group?

This is what BNI is all about, surrounding yourself with a group of people who come together for the benefit of the group. 

Over the past few months this has become very real for me as the size of the group has gone beyond that of my own chapter. The power of the BNI network is bigger than your own chapter or the person you sit next to each week at your meeting.

Before I give you an example of the power of this amazing network, I should also point out that the network isn’t only about money and referrals for your business. It is about the adding value to everyone in the network and the law of reciprocity. Hence, the BNI Mantra is that, “Givers Gain.” In this example I haven’t received any referrals or business, but the gain for me is far more than financial.

In August of 2012 I joined a business incubator program called, “Become a Key Person of Influence”.  This program is supported by BNI, hence this is how I heard about it. One of the steps in the program and towards becoming a “Key Person of Influence” is to write a book showcasing your expertise. So I wrote a book – “Releasing the Rock Star Within”.

On Friday 18th of January 2013, I received the first printed copies of my book. Big deal I hear you all thinking – “what does this have to do with networking and BNI, other than the fact that you heard about the course through BNI?”

Well, without BNI there would be no book and every part of my book has been touched by BNI.

  • The writer is me, a BNI member,
  • The editor is from Cavalletti Communications a BNI member,
  • The printer is Excite Print, another BNI member,
  • The cover design was done by Liquid Concepts, a BNI member
  • The layout was done by a referral from a BNI member
  • And every one of these BNI members is from a different Chapter – some from Sydney, one from Kingscliff and others in Melbourne.

In August 2012, I had never dreamed of writing a book, nor would I have had any idea how I would get it published, in print and on Amazon but thanks to the power of my network and your network, our BNI network, the people we surround ourselves with every week, who we support and who supports us I have written, published and printed a book.

Now I may not sell a copy or I may end up with a bestseller but that is not the point. The point is that there is no better feeling than opening up a box from your BNI printer and seeing your BNI Graphic Designers cover on the front of your own book.

This is the true power of your network and this is how BNI Released the Rock Star Within.

Sonya-1-Orange-jacket-427x640Article written by the Sonya Blondinau Director of Walk Like a Rock Star

Sonya Blondinau Director of Walk Like a Rock Star.  Walk Like a Rock Star is a business consulting and coaching firm. We show business owners and executives how to find more time, more money and more success in their business or careers.  Find out more at www.walklikearockstar.com.au

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