How To Stand Out From The (Networking) Crowd – Arrive Early & Leave Late for Top Networking Results


Last month, we launched our “Networking Tips” section that brings you the hottest tips around making the most of your time at BNI meetings and other events. No matter whether you still have your networking training-wheels on or are an old hand at making solid connections: our suggestions are tailored to be easily implemented. Simple, practical and proven tips like this week’s “Arrive Early, Leave Late” will make your networking even more effective.

The Early Bird Gets The Worm

The trendy partygoer’s bible dictates arriving late to be the fashionable thing to do, to ensure the place is already buzzing when you arrive. But… who creates that much-envied buzz?

Correct – those clever people who know that starting a conversation among the first-to-arrive means you already have made valuable connections before those fashionable latecomers turn up.

As any Top Networker will tell you: be unfashionably early – it pays off.

Arrive Early

No-one wants to be the first one on the dance floor. But have you noticed how once the first person starts grooving, everyone else who has been too shy until then suddenly starts flocking along with that person who broke the ice?

The same principle works for networking: arrive early and be the leading connector.

As one of the first people to arrive, you have the chance to welcome new arrivals in a warm, inviting manner and – like a host – introduce people to each other. Your fellow early starters will naturally gravitate to where groups are forming, because no-one likes to be left standing alone. They will be keen to join your crowd.

Immediately your status within the group is that of a leader, and your credibility has grown alongside your visibility. In contrast, those “fashionable” latecomer types will find it much harder to break into already established groups like yours, stand out and connect.

Leave Late

Your early start at the BNI meeting or networking event will mean that you have already connected well with many visitors, members or fellow attendees from the beginning. And during a conference there are perhaps lunch and other breaks during which you can ensure you mingle with different people.

But don’t leave until you have completed your networking goal.

Ensure that you stay as late as needed to allow enough time to meaningfully interact with those people whom you may not have had a chance to talk to earlier in the day – but who could be valuable connections.

Think Beyond The Event

If you arrive early and leave late, you are highly accessible and visible. Not only will your credibility with other participants soar – but the event organiser will also notice you.

Whether that means that you are being approached to serve on your BNI Leadership Team, or the organisers of the networking event or conference you attended see a future speaker in you. Either way you have achieved your goal of being remembered for future referrals.

You made the most of your networking time…. Mission accomplished!

What’s Your Networking Story? Let Us Know!

Visibility and credibility are essential to getting referrals, making lasting connections, and growing your business.

We hope this week’s networking tip inspired you to try “arriving early & leaving late” for yourself at your next BNI meeting, conference or networking event.

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