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Welcome to the March 2012 edition of your BNI Australia Newsletter.  This month we have a few exciting announcements and lucrative opportunities in store for you!

Do you want to grow your network, and add more revenue for your business…?  Of course you do!

Excellent, now all you need to do is read on….

Write to Grow Your Business – 
Become a BNI Guest Columnist 

We are keen to hear from BNI members and non-members who can offer written contributions on networking expertise that are interesting, educational pieces.

Being a BNI Guest Columnist gives you the unique opportunity to promote your business to a large network of readers adept at referral marketing. Reach many tens of thousands of potential new clients with one short, impactful article about networking or referral marketing.

How?  Find out here.

Feature Your Business on the BNI Blog!

How is this for a chance to network and meet new clients: Sign up to be a Featured Member on the BNI Blog and Facebook page!

Just complete our form and be in the running to introduce yourself and your business to your fellow 5,000+ BNI Australia members, and potential new clients.  Check out our latest featured members for some ideas how to create your profile.

Mark Your Diary –
Catch Up with Ivan Misner in 2012 

Dr Ivan Misner has been dubbed the “Father of Modern Networking” by CNN, the “Networking Guru” by Entrepreneur magazine. And he is a New York Times bestselling author.  And he is, of course, the Founder and Chairman of BNI, the world’s largest business networking organisation.

Ivan is considered one of the world’s leading experts on business networking and has been a keynote speaker for major corporations and associations throughout the world.  You can find out more about the man behind BNI here.

This year, BNI International’s founder will be in Australia for a whirlwind tour in May / June 2012.  Ivan will be visiting local chapters and promoting his new book, bestseller “Business Networking and Sex”.

This is a great opportunity to meet Ivan face-to-face and, and learn some new tips & tricks from one of the world’s top networkers.

Ivan will visit a number of central business areas around the country, and there are plenty of opportunities to catch him (make sure you contact your local director for your regional events). And then it’s off to pack your bags and take a trip down networking lane!

Don’t miss out, get out your pen and mark your date in the diary now (click city to bookings and details or contact your local director):

  • 31 May 2012 – Maroochydore
  • 5 June 2012 – Brisbane
  • 6 June 2012 – Sydney
  • 7 June 2012 – Melbourne
  • 13 June 2012 – Perth
  • 14 June 2012 – Adelaide

Check out Ivan’s calendar for regular updates or go to our Facebook page for Ivan’s visit dates.

Loyalty: Why Two is Not Always Better than One 

Let’s move to a slightly controversial topic… The BNI exclusive membership rules which Ivan Misner addressed in a recent article.

There are many different types of networking groups – but they are not all equal regarding what they can do for you and your business, and how they achieve that success.  BNI stands out above most of these groups, because there are proven rules and concepts that ensure that you as a member will get the greatest possible benefit form BNI.

The March issue of SuccessNet online carried an article from Ivan Misner, in which he highlights why members can’t belong to two BNI groups.  And why you can’t belong to BNI and a group like BNI.  Read When Are Two Not Better than One? and let us know your thoughts on this hot topic via a comment on the site.

2012 – What Will You Achieve Through BNI?

And while we are on the topic of the benefits of the BNI system for our members: This month we take another look at how the depth and quality of your business network are key assets that can get you through the financial storms have been blowing strongly, around the globe.

Female Business Owners: The Social Über-Connectors 

How does the fairer sex prefer to network? Based on personal experience and the results from the recent AWCCI national poll, BNI Sydney CBD South co-director Louise Greenup shares her insights into how and why women are social creatures uniquely adapt at networking,

Last, but not least, we would love to hear your thoughts on all things networking, so do drop us a line on our blog or Facebook page.

Until soon, in your next BNI newsletter edition.

Warmest regards,

Frederick Marcoux
National Director BNI Australia

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