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20 April, 2012


Whilst working in a highly competitive business world, small and medium sized businesses (SME’s) are constantly seeking cost effective ways to elevate their company profile and generate new business.

Thousands of business owners across Australia have turned to BNI, the world’s largest business referral network, to achieve greater business success. The primary aim of the organisation is to assist members find and exchange qualified business referrals and develop new business through word-of-mouth marketing techniques.

Last year BNI generated over $3.1 billion worth of business referrals for its 140,000 global member base. In Australia over $211 million worth of referrals were created for 5,000 members across the country. Notably over 90 per cent of these members are SME’s.

Frederick Marcoux, BNI Australia National Director said, “The way we network in BNI attracts busy, no nonsense successful people who appreciate the power of business networking. They are relationship focused and results oriented. Australia is a dynamic place with an entrepreneurial spirit that represents a perfect BNI operating environment. Our focus is on businesses that have the capacity to grow and whose owners understand the power of referrals and the importance of strong business relationships.”

“BNI membership is an entitlement to a unique business referral creation strategy. It ensures cooperation with a wide range of businesses that do not compete against a member’s business in the marketplace. Further it affords members the opportunity to train others in the group to find the right kind of referrals for their business and this is also reciprocated for them,” he said.

Unlike other networking groups, BNI provides members with a professional structure and an ongoing training system which enables them to network in a deliberate manner while constantly updating their referral marketing skills.

There are over 100 business categories that do very well in BNI. These rely on referrals for their businesses and the reality is that 98 per cent of businesses are like this. BNI is for all kinds of professionals including SME’s as well as large businesses.

A strongly emerging business trend now evident in Australia was highlighted by Mr Marcoux.  He noted that women generally are taking an increasing leadership role in the business community, including in BNI. Some of the organisation’s most powerful and long standing groups are now led by women. The National Director cited research based on a survey of 12,000 people and contained in BNI’s Founder and Chairman, Ivan Misner’s latest book Business Networking and Sex: (Not What You Think), found that women have a better understanding than men about how to develop and enhance business relationships.

Mr Marcoux concluded,” The philosophy underpinning BNI is that “givers gain” and members are empowered by the understanding that by giving to others they will receive considerably more in return in the business context. This in effect is what we mean by “changing the way the world does business”. Traditionally businesses are takers and hunters, and our goal is to make the business world understand that being “givers” is a much better strategy for business growth. This represents a considerable paradigm shift.”

“BNI plans are to promote this understanding broadly within the business community through consistent membership growth. The current membership is approximately 5,000 and given the current growth rate of 10 to 15 per cent year on year, this figure is expected to exceed 15,000 within the next few years.”

Ivan Misner will be visiting Australia in May and June to promote his latest book Business Networking and Sex (Not What You Think) and to promote the benefits of business networking.

For further information visit www.bni.com.au

Media contact: Natasha McGuire, Red Leopard PR, Phone: 02 9328 4248 or 04000 90553.

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