BNI Success Story …. Kim Narayan


kimSome time ago I was given a referral by the financial planner in our BNI Alpha group, James Brennan. This lead was very promising and lead to further opportunities.

After seeing the customer he was extremely pleased with my service and I referred him to the conveyancer in Alpha, Valerie Dries, to assist with the transaction. The settlement amount was $232,000. Once his loan had settled he referred me to a colleague of his. I also helped her with a purchase and again referred to the BNI conveyancer who assisted with the purchase. This client’s loan was $371k.

The client continued to further refer me to two more colleagues and a friend. The total settlements for that referred business was $2,145,114. Her friend then further referred me to his room-mates and whilst they have not yet purchased this deal is ongoing and will proceed.

As you can see the original referral was a small loan size but not to be sneezed at, as that one transaction resulted in total business thus far of nearly three million dollars plus the conveyancing work for the conveyancer in our group.

I joined BNI as I wanted trusted business partners that I could refer and know that they would give my clients the same care as I would if they were to refer me business.

Kim Narayan, Mortgage Choice, Parramatta. BNI Alpha (Parramatta)

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