How Others Can Help Your Business Part 3


Education Coordinators Mini – Workshop

How Others Can Help Your Business Part 3

This is a 2-4 minute workshop presented by the Education Co-ordinator or their nominee.
To the presenter: Please ensure that you are familiar with the objective of the workshop and read through the workshop before presenting it. What you say out loud to the chapter is written below.  The italics print is guidelines for you.

Purpose of this workshop: To help members understand, ways their Networking Partners can help their business.

Start by saying……

Over the last 2 weeks we have asked the question: Has anyone ever said to you, “If there’s anything I can do to help you with your business, let me know”?

Most people respond, “Well, thanks, I’ll let you know” instead of being prepared enough to take up the offer by replying “Thank you. Now that you mention it, there are a few things I need”.

Most aren’t prepared to accept help at the moment it’s offered and let the opportunity slip by because they haven’t given enough thought to the kinds of help they need.

When help is offered, it’s to your advantage to be prepared and to respond by stating a specific need and today, I’ll continue talking about systematic referral marketing and the 15 ways people can promote your business. Today we will go through number 11 to number 15 ways of How Others Can Help Your Business. You may wish to write these down:

11. Arrange a meeting on your behalf. When one of your sources tells you about a person you should meet, someone you consider a key contact, she can help you immensely by coordinating a meeting. Ideally, she will not only call the contact and set a specific date, time and location for the meeting, but… she will also attend the meeting with you.

12. Follow up with referrals they have given you. Your sources can contact prospects they referred to you to see how things went after your first meeting, answer their questions or concerns & reassure them that you can be trusted. They can also give you valuable feedback about yourself & your products or service, information that you might not have been able to get on your own.

13. Publish information for you. Network members may be able to get information about you and your business printed in publications they subscribe to and in which they have some input or influence. For example, a source who belongs to an association that publishes a newsletter might help you get an article published or persuade the editor to run a story about you.

14. Serve as a sponsor. Some of your sources may be willing to fund or sponsor a program or event you are hosting. They might let you use a meeting room, lend you equipment, authorize you to use their organization’s name, or donate money or other resources.

15. Sell your products and services. The best support that has the greatest immediate impact on your bottom line, is selling your product or service for you. Your network member could persuade a prospect to write a cheque for your product, then have you mail or deliver the product to your new customer. If you do so swiftly and cordially, you may gain a new lifelong customer.

So next time someone says to you, “If there’s anything I can do to help you with your business, let me know”?, you can be prepared to take them up on the offer.

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How Others Can Help Your Business Part 3  – BNI Education

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