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James Maloney
Mind And Body Connection
BNI Hub in the BNI Gold Coast Region

Tell us about your business:

I am a passionate Naturopath with over twelve years experience. I think I have the best job in the world, I get to help people every day. Teaching them what they can do to regain their health and create a better quality of life for their future. This could include taking herbs and or making changes to their diet and lifestyles.

What are your top 3 networking tips?

Listen to what the person is saying to you.
Answer their question as best you can and don’t be afraid to be honest.
Treat the person you are talking to with the respect they deserve.

What can’t you live without?

Oxygen,great food, fun, laughter and Yoga

Which Business Book Would Your Recommend & Why?

Loosing my virginity by Richard Branson, knowing enthusiasm and passion will lead you to great things.

How Did Your Find Out About BNI & Why Did You Join?

A friend introduced me to BNI. I joined because it was such a welcoming environment and seemed a great way to network.

How Long Have You Been a Member For?

3 years

What Position/s On The Leadership Team Have You Held? 

President, Vice President

What value & benefit have you or your business gained by being a BNI Member?

The value that I have gained from BNI goes way beyond the monetary value. I have made some great friends but more importantly I now have a network of professionals that I can confidently recommend knowing they are competent, trustworthy and reliable. That is the true value of BNI for me.

What Do You Wish Someone Had Told Your When You First Joined BNI? 

That you can have fun, make new friends and money all at the same event. All relations take time but those are the best ones to have.

Your Dream Referral Is…

A doctors clinic that would like to work with a Naturopath.

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