7 Ways to Invite a Visitor


visitorHere are 7 ways you may not have thought of to get guests to our meetings.

1.Set an appointment with them
How do you normally get together with your business colleagues? Typically by appointment. So why treat the BNI meeting any different. Having a quality guest come along with you to the meeting is a great opportunity for them as well as for you and the Chapter. Set a date and time for them to visit, this will help them understand that this is a serious business opportunity rather than a weekly “come if you can” event.

2.Invite them to listen to the speaker
Note the upcoming speakers and target people that may benefit by listening to their presentation.

3.Invite them to meet a specific person
There’s nothing more appealing to any networker than a specific target. Who is your guest looking for? Perhaps they are there in our Chapter already. I have successfully invited visitors to our meeting on the basis of – “oh – you MUST meet so and so, they’re fantastic and I’m sure you could do business together. Come along and meet him next _____day –and I’ll introduce you.

4.Ask them if they like free publicity
I mean – who doesn’t, right? They have a product they are trying to market and you are offering them the opportunity to network and present it to a captive business audience.

5.Invite them to come and support you
You may have several potential members that you would like to visit with you, but they know perfectly well you meet every week and are put off by that. So how to get them to come THIS week? Well, for one if you are speaking you can ask them to come and support you, give a testimonial of your services or say some kind words about you and your business. No reason why they can’t even assist with your presentation!

6.Ask for their help in filling a category
Try the indirect approach. We want a CPA in the Chapter. But instead of approaching a CPA you might not know so well, get a colleague who knows one to invite them along. Both can come as your guest, and both will be impressed with the meeting!

7.Bring a satisfied customer with you
Bring a satisfied customer with you to give a testimonial at the meeting. A satisfied customer for you can very easily become a satisfied customer of someone else.

Not everybody who walks through that door is going to want to join our Chapter. It’s true. But every single person who visits our chapter give us the opportunity to make valuable business connections in our area.

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    Thank you & Thank you BNI Australia

    Sudhakar Subramani
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